New to SLG?

What do we offer?What do we offer?

The gas station sells hotdogs. The post office sells neck ties. What we sell, you probably did not come for, but you might like it anyway.

Who are we?Who are we?

We are definitely a strange breed. Find out who we are first hand, then make up your mind whether to come out and play or to run away.

Where to begin?Where to begin?

Yep. Therein lies a problem. You don’t have all day after all. Here are some hints and shortcuts to help you find the good stuff quickly.

Don't know why you are here?Don't Know?

You are so special if you don’t know why you are here. If your mother’s hair dresser’s cousin’s best friend referred you to our site, that is pretty ordinary. If God brought you here and you aren’t even sure how you got here and you for sure don’t know why - well this is a magnificent day to be alive. Come on in and sit down for a visit.

Our Hidden TreasureOur Hidden Treasure

It is not in our store, and it is a whole lot bigger than most people know. But if you are willing to dig for the jewels, the one thing Christians are looking for a lot these days is right here. I know!