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Life After Church

So, you left the institutional church.

You and 30 million other people since the turn of the century.

It was painful. Maybe shameful. Disorienting. Lonely.

Now it is time to look forward. This is one of the most dramatic reorganizations of the structure of THE Church ever in human history. That is because the King is on the move and there is a dramatic next chapter coming.

This album is Arthur Burk’s perspective on where the King is going and how we can live this transition season for fullest effect.

You ARE in a transition. The question is whether you will transition well and be part of the new move of God, or will be caught short like the ten virgins who did not position themselves wisely for a fast moving window of opportunity.

For the past 15 years, the attention has been focused on the exodus from the institutional church. This exodus is a reality. It is a painful reality for many, but it is not the point. The objective of God’s massive restructuring is to advance the Kingdom.

This album is a tightly focused discussion of where God is going, not how much pain the current exodus has caused.

Life After Church

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