Life in the Word: Independent Study


Mastering the data and the doctrine in Scripture does not make you spiritually vibrant. This class is designed to unlock the Bible in a different way.

Rebekah is a master of finding the granular data, using the classic Bible study tools, but much more than that, she teaches you how to bridge the gap from the Bible story to your life.

We have no issues with Daniel in the lion’s den. It happened. God won. Yay.

But the chances of your being in a lion’s den in 2020 are fairly slim. So what is the point of the story for someone struggling with life in the Western culture of the 21st century?

THAT is where Rebekah shines.

She will not tell you the answer, but she will teach you the tools you will need to get to that answer yourself.

Unless the Word of God applies to your own life, in a specific way, it will NOT be transformational, just informational.

Take the leap to a new level. Rebekah will assess what your natural design is, and where you are in life and then she will craft a custom on-ramp from your current journey to the exhilarating world of vibrant life in the Word of God.

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