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Life After Church Podcast

Hybrid Businesses
Buy PodcastOne of the aggressively emerging constructs in the Mercy season is organizations that are registered as for profit businesses and have a highly visible product, but do a lot of ministry on the side as the main heart of their business. I will be exploring some of the existing models, as well as describing some of the pitfalls to be avoided.

We need to understand the Kingdom of God and how it interfaces with the Body of Christ. They are not identical, but cannot exist without each other. There is a huge overlap, but also some differences. Learning how to see both entities apart from visible organizational structures is helpful for understanding what God is doing now.

Fathering is a hip term in the church these days, but not really understood as distinct from mothering and as a learned skill set. I will be developing this theme in a lot of detail in the various episodes, so that it becomes highly actionable on your Monday morning. The best fathers recognize fathering moments on the fly, as well as planning for some strategic fathering that is more structured.

The western culture does not widely use the term apart from “Elder care.” However, the concept is there in our culture and is more and more necessary in this new expression of the Kingdom. These episodes are not just a definition of eldership. I will be aggressively exploring how we can grow toward that goal. The move from being a father to an elder is not simply one of age. Most men never become elders, but some should.

At the end of the day, our mission is to produce change. We are accustomed to producing change in the context of the institutional church and the marketplace. What does transformation look like when we are alone in our spiritual journey, without the familiar resources? There ARE answers, but it will require a different way of looking at things.

Buy PodcastChrist modeled walking a complex journey, surrounded by needs and sundry competing social agendas, while staying focused on His calling. He made myriad decisions through the grid of His design. Not everything we do will be squarely in line with our design, but we must know how to measure each opportunity through that grid.