Independent Study: Restoring Land

Ah, the sausage factory!

No good deed goes unpunished.

You score well in first grade and they promptly kick you into second grade and make you experience powerlessness all over again.

And it seems like it never ends.

But some day it does, and you get to CHOOSE. Such a lovely word.

An independent study in land is one of those sweet choices. You have to pay your dues by taking the Foundations class. And before you can get into THAT class you have to listen to a lot of prerequisites.

But when you have ticked all those boxes, you get to design your own project.

You decide what you want to do with your especial piece of land.

Are you trying to clean it up, or heal the brokenness, or release the treasures?

You do an inventory of everything you already know and the skills you have.

You determine what Megan has that you need, to complete the project.

You negotiate with her on what the most effective way of getting data from her head into yours.

Such bliss. Choice instead of paying your dues in the sausage factory.

So when you are ready for the big time, she is ready for you.

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