Independent Study: Establish Order

1) Do you like the level of orderliness you have in life?

2) And do you know why you are not as orderly as you would like to be?

Hint: Question two matters more than question one.

For example, if you are a right brain dominant, highly creative person, you will probably be messy for one reason.

If you are the mother of six toddlers (or it seems that way) you will be messy for a totally different reason.

Thus, before you set an objective to be more orderly, you have to know why you are the way you are when you so don’t like the way you are.

Enter Sandy!

She brings years of experience with all kinds of people who have a passion for a better life. And she can help you do three things:

  • Find out why.
  • Figure out the strategic place to start.
  • Help you keep on keeping on until it is a lifestyle, not a spurt.

Did you know that self-hatred is not a highly productive emotion? All the energy you have used in resenting yourself for not being able to become orderly, would be better spent in developing a customized plan – that will work for YOU!

It is her nature to build up, not to tear down.

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