Identity Bootcamp


Stop me if you have heard this one before.

“Fred” has a deep desire to serve God in an immense way. He has tried four different Kingdom projects and fallen flat on his face each time.

Oh, old story? Sorry.

It is really hard for the devil to wipe out our desire to serve God and make a difference in the world and the Kingdom. That spiritual drive is highly resilient.

It is a lot easier for him to lure us into trying to do something we were not entirely designed to do – and therefore we struggle and fail.

Solution: Rebekah’s class on identity. She is not going to show you your identity. She is going to show you how to mine the data you already have, to figure out new facets of your real identity.

Once she has taught you those skills, you will be off and running doing the things you were designed to do. All through life, you will need to revisit those skills and unearth another new facet of your identity. The things you will learn here are timeless and portable.

And useful. Not like that algebra class.

So if your heart for the King is large and your fruit so far is unsatisfactory, sign up for this class and position yourself for fulfillment as you repeatedly recognize the right tasks at the right time.

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