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How does the live stream work?


Here are four scenarios.

1) You buy a program before the date because you just couldn’t stand for your computer to cop an attitude on the big day. Sign in, go to My Account, click on My Streams and you will see it there as soon as you pay for it. You can click all you want but it will simply do a rock solid passive-aggressive routine and show you nothing at all until it is the appointed time to watch. Then it will become live. Before the day of the event, you might run a test on YouTube or with some other kind of streaming video to make sure you get both video and audio. The program will remain in your account for 428 days from the event and you can watch it as many times as you want.


2) Your best friend texts you in the middle of the program saying you have to listen. You buy the program quickly, listen to the last half while it is live. A few hours after the session is over, it will show in the archives. You can go back and listen to the first half the next day.


3) You sleep through the live event because you live a long way East of California and have a lot of common sense. The next day, you purchase it, watch it and have it in your account for 428 days from the date of purchase.


4) Someone tells you six months later how their lives were transformed by one particular teaching, but they make absolutely no sense at all in their excitement. No problem. You go online, buy that program and listen to it yourself. All you need is the date or the title.

Additional questions?

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