Heart Project

When you arrive at our office at 156 S. Blackstock Rd. in Spartanburg, SC, park by the fence and come in the SIDE door wearing a mask. No hugs and no handshakes.

Someone will greet you and have you sign the full disclosure statement.

Megan will show you the test room where you will have privacy to undress from the waist up and put on a hospital gown, open at the front.

Megan will install the sticky patches on your chest, connect and test the equipment, then call Arthur.

Once the electronics roll, Megan will move away from the client and both can take their masks off for the test.

During the time with Arthur, he will ask your soul or your spirit different questions. It will be a dialog, feeling our way along, seeking the wisdom of the Spirit. There may well be times when we both sit silently for a time waiting as God does some deep internal work.

At the end, Arthur and Megan will leave the room while the client removes their patches and gets dressed.

At any point during the test that either Arthur or the client feels uncomfortable with the process, the test can be stopped without explanation. Either side has total freedom to end a session.

You will not receive the audio or the traces of the sessions. Those are exclusively for SLG’s use. As soon as the test is over, the data is anonymized so any future researcher looking at it knows only gender and no other identifying data.