Heart Project

The EKGs done at Sapphire Leadership Group, LLC (hereinafter SLG) are not medical tests. They are not covered by HIPPA. They will not be reviewed by medical personnel.

Their purpose is to track the activity of the human spirit, and to facilitate understanding of the dynamics of the spirit.

The audio recording and the EKG traces are the sole property of SLG and will not be shared with the volunteer, their therapists or their medical providers.

This process is experimental in nature so there is no guaranteed outcome. Should either the volunteer or the SLG staff feel uncomfortable at any time in the process, either may terminate the session immediately, without owing an explanation to anyone.

We understand that many people come to a session knowing that they have specific issues with spirit and soul. While these sessions ARE about inner healing, the practitioner leading the session has sole discretion as to what is explored and what is not. The purpose of the heart test is to benefit SLG with specific insight into a narrow area of research.

Effective ministry in one sector of an individual’s life does not create any commitment or obligation by the SLG staff for future ministry.

We offer a free audio product of your choice in exchange for your participation. We are fully aware that the time spent in travel and in the session may be worth far more, but each person who participates waives the right to future compensation of any sort.

We will have a printed copy of the above statement at the office for you to sign before taking your test.