Healing Womanhood Testimonies

After attending the "Healing Womanhood" seminar in Ohio, the stirrings in my spirit are just now forming words around its overwhelming impact, both in the immediate and to my journey of intimacy with my Father God.

In both body and soul, womanhood in my personally experienced story has been pulverized -- from conception. I got a peek into the exclusive God-written and ordained book of my story several years ago when my love-wounds began to be revealed. The release and glory of that revelation birthed a passionate attention to my healing journey since that time, thus everything about both the name and descriptors of this seminar were compelling.

I was clearly compelled to attend and then, upon attending, I was completely surprised by God! Like a child, I love surprises and these were surprises that went straight to my spirit. They did not have to meander their way through the chatter of my soul and body.

I was surprised by the out-of-the-norm-of-common-womanhood teaching. I was surprised by the Scriptural truths and connections about the beauty, design, gifting and treasure of my gender and that, in the realm of womanhood, these are my anchoring truths that must be first in line -- not my healing journey. During the seminar, I was gently whacked upside the head with the "ah-ha" that I have completely placed my healing journey first -- as if it has been and is something that must be completed before I can truly embrace these truths regarding my womanhood.

Therefore the seminar: (1) Set straight the order of my freedom-journey. The freedom word is appropriate because by focusing on healing as the first fruit of this journey, I was inadvertently keeping myself in bondage to my natural propensity and need to strive and perfect -- the complete opposite of resting in the freedom of the Scriptural truths of my gender and personal treasures.

(2) Through the Scriptural revelations about the design and gifting of my gender, through suggested questions to ask myself in discovering my personal treasures within these designs and gifting, and especially through prayer addressing our spirits, the virtual floodgates opened with a stream of connections I have never seen to this date -- as if my Father God was drawing a dot-to-dot picture before my eyes with His loving hand and was revealing who I am according to the book He wrote before my conception -- revealing in living and beautiful color my Kingdom-purposed path. Every intensely painful event, circumstance and season along with every moment of each joyful, laughter-filled, celebratory season were equally necessary to construct this vibrant picture. I experienced a smiling in my spirit, soul and body that I simply could not stop or control. Am still smiling!

Marilyn from Kansas City, Missouri

What a powerful message Arthur Burk shared!!! So grateful!!!!! Every last word he said helped me. I could not wait to share the information with my husband when I got home.

Some of the points that hit me are: Truth and holding on to it to the end and that is the victory!!! The confirmation that I felt about the different structures that are in play to block and hold women down. I get to pick to be mad and bitter or turn to God. Many times in the past I did pick to get mad and bitter. Now I get to pick a new way!

The info about the hair, massage therapist, business woman and song writer helped connect the dots on how God uses the women. Also how fathers and husbands need to look for the keys to the daughters and wives design and how to build up and release the design in them. Another facet is that betrayal/abandonment lands in the spirit and rejection lands in the soul. It is also God's job is to make the positions for us to be heard, not us. Our job is to hear God. I could also see how girls have a strong discernment of "unsafe" land/areas and folks need to listen and take note. Lastly, how to look for design markers and our journeys are for a reason, and God is training us!

Michelle from South Boardman, MI

I’m still enveloped in a warm cozy atmosphere since the “Healing Womanhood" seminar! Thank you so much for a great time!

My biggest takeaway is that the only thing that makes us victorious is holding onto the truth! I somehow always thought that I would arrive at a victory and somehow I could lay down the contending for the truth!

I almost died in February of last year, I was bleeding heavily, which had to do with womanhood, so I asked myself why I didn’t want to be a woman? I am discovering a new appreciation for womanhood; you solidified that in me at the “Healing Womanhood" seminar.

What surprised me was all of the women in the Bible that God used! I believe that now with my heart!

God met me in all my last remaining doubts that I had about loving myself the way He created me!

Josephine Eicher from Mendon, MI

I wasn't sure what to expect!

My innards knew I needed to be there so plans were made and executed. It's been a week since I sat there before Arthur and heard/saw/felt the EPIC plan of the age unfold. I wept during the whole first session as the BEAUTY of God's love for women was laid out before me.

The best part is he used Scripture to prove it all...and so now it's eternally MY reality! Too, having Arthur's perspective on the book of Revelation blew me away...as did the ENTIRE day of stuff he imparted, etc. WOAH. What a lot of work he did to bring deliverance, etc!

I'm still in awe of the whole thing. He was standing in the gap on behalf of women as one who carries a deep passion for them to see themselves as God does...and it was UTTERLY life changing on such a deep level which I'm still adjusting to! Bless him for all that...and for everyone who helped make it possible for him to let the ROAR out! Blessings to everyone associated with the upcoming seminars on Healing Womanhood as well. Be ready to receive the best news EVER.

Kate Mazur from Lake Ann, MI

I was greatly impacted by the Healing Womanhood seminar in Ohio this past weekend.

I was raised with two dynamics of overt rejection at odds with each other. For one parent I haven't been woman enough- I don't dress right, enjoy the right past times, or behave "like a girl". And for the other I am too much woman- I wasn't the son that was hoped and prayed for.

God touched both wounds this weekend, and for the first time I can EVER remember, the tension is gone. Two particularly profound paradigm shifts came through Arthur's comment that womanhood is not equivalent to femininity, as well as the Biblical truth he drew out from the book of Revelation that those alongside Jesus at the battle of Armageddon are his bride.

It offered reconciliation between the two parts of me vying for legitimacy because I don't have to strive to express a cultural standard of femininity in order to be a "real" woman, and I don't have to shamefully cover up my distinct womanhood in order to be a game changer in the world for the Kingdom of Heaven!

Myself isn't warring with myself anymore, and I can just BE. I don't have a lot of insight on the "real" me yet or what my unique sound of heaven is, but now I'm allowed to find out and no matter who I am it is because of God's good pleasure.

One of Arthur's opening statements is that a primary goal he has in this teaching is to give women back their dignity. Dignity has always been a foreign concept to me, but it's the new posture of my heart.

Jodi from Palmyra, PA

I don’t yet understand half of what happened this past weekend, when I attended the "Healing Womanhood" seminar. So much has changed in the first three days that I can barely begin to describe it.

Arthur’s descriptions from Scripture of the high value God places on women went deep into my spirit. I am not at all the same person I was a week ago. I feel more secure in my identity and design than I have in my entire life. My thought processes and emotional responses are different. The change is startling—and wonderful! Best of all, intimacy with the Lord is heightened. I woke up this morning and knew He’d been speaking to my spirit in the night season, downloading answers to some things I’d been struggling with, giving me direction for the day, and showing me specifically how to pray for people and circumstances. Everything good is heightened, and moving quickly.

One of the most powerful parts of the seminar, for me was Arthur’s message, reiterated several times, that regardless of whether or not the circumstances around us change after this, and regardless of how people see us, we can choose to focus on the consistencies of God, and that will enlarge our spirits. This changes everything! Thank you, Arthur, for pouring yourself into this message on our behalf. I’m going further up and further in!

Rosemary from Fredericksburg, VA

My husband and I attended the "Healing Womanhood" seminar in Ohio.

I came to receive healing and leave changed, and I did. It was wonderful to see how many people had come from all over to hear this much needed message.

So many things Arthur framed were amazing. At one point he said, "God sees our impact on earth from a place in eternity. Can He use it in eternity? That frame changes a lot of things on how we view our life." He also said, "Can you hold on to your view of who God says you are despite what others may say?"

That brings everything down where the rubber hits the road. The enemy has done everything he can to make us see ourselves as less than how God sees us, when all that matters is how God sees us. We need to break and come out of agreement with all the "stuff" spoken over us and determine we will see ourselves the way God intended.

He also said "Whether you find healing or fulfillment in this world is secondary - the main thing is your belief." Many of us have been so beat up that all we could see is what others said, and how others have treated us - but this is truly freeing to know that God loves us so much that He values every effort, any effort we make to come into alignment with who He created us to be in our essence; and He will use any and every part of that for Victory in His kingdom.

Arthur also said, "One of the core desires is to be heard and God has placed the sound of Heaven in each woman." That statement alone brings dignity. It restores hope. It shines brightly in hidden places of pain and failure so we can find our way out. God placed a sound within each woman that when believed, received, searched for and acted upon will reach the ear of God. He will always hear us. He will always give us dignity. He will always make us a better "me" when we draw near. I love it. I love Him.

Lastly, Arthur said "Other people can only cause you pain - they can't define you." and "Only you can diminish your essence of who you are with God." and "Your Father enjoys you when you are enjoying your joy." I am grateful this has been put into words. I so appreciate the anointed prayers he prays at these meetings, he not only provides anointed information, but he also leads the participants in prayer to bring about those alignments in their lives. Thank you, Arthur Burk, for releasing in words and anointing the Father's love, acceptance, and heart toward His girls.

Donna from Richmond, VA