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Healing Tools Podcast

Buy PodcastThe nuts and bolts of deliverance are widely known or easily acquired. The deliverance techniques shared here would be more on the esoteric side. Lately we have been exploring Leviathan and his being drawn to the wet spots in the body: CSF in the brain, the heart, digestive track, urinary track and the gonads. We continue to discover new facets of deliverance in the brain as well. As new concepts and tools come into focus, we will share the latest insights in this podcast format.

Alien Human Spirits
Recent work with AHS has included new diagnostic tools for vanishing twins, fresh understanding of some physical issues like peripheral neuropathy, a connection to “clean freaks” and some interesting discoveries about intransigent issues between fathers and sons.

Satanic Ritual Abuse
The current focus in our ministry to survivors is the different dynamic on the south side of the river of time. The systems established there operate by a different set of rules than the parts and systems on the north and they respond to a different approach. We also have had some good success with stabilizing highly volatile survivors more quickly than before. This topic is rapidly expanding for us also.

We recently discovered that there are 12 foundations to the Seat of Dominion just like there are to the New Jerusalem. We see big results when we apply the fractal of 12 to the foundations and restore them to full original design. In addition, we are learning how to unpack the treasures in each portion of the human spirit.

The body of Christ has done the most work here but much of the work has been in the area of trauma recovery. We have specialty tools in the area of legitimacy and in finding and unpacking the niche anointings in someone’s design. Lately the issue of curses on an entire family line, crippling one’s calling, have been highlighted.

Buy PodcastWe have teams working on the heart, the amygdala, on migraines and on autism. We certainly don’t have THE silver bullet for any of these, but initial research is already revealing some of the spirit/soul issues in those biological fields. In addition to that, we are working on the brains of a couple of highly volatile kids seeking to supplement the work done on a daily basis by their highly involved parents.

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