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Fundamentals of Restoring Land


You bring the land, Megan brings the principles. As you experiment implementing, you will learn the most. An exceptional class format.

Have you ever had a teacher who was a master of their subject and loved it dearly? I remember the Meso American Anthropology class I took. The prof thought that the Tuxtla Statuette was the coolest thing in the whole world.

He was utterly clueless about the class and where we fit in the grand scheme of world events.


Megan is different. She LOVES her topic much more extravagantly than that prof loved the Tuxtla Statuette, but she is deeply in tune with each student.

She IS going to cover all the critical principles. But she will start with finding out where you are in your journey, so she can customize your learning process to your design, your journey, and most importantly the unique piece of land you are trying to cleanse.

You will be transformed by her blend of skill and wisdom. Oh, and your land will benefit too!

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