Egyptian Prayer Strategy


The enemy seeks to pervert the purpose and power of the Holy Trinity.

God the Father engages us in the area of community. It is His delight to bring together the sundry colors of His nature that has been embedded in us, in such a way that the light of our relationships is elegant and showcases His heart and His hands.

The devil perverts that through the Edomite curse, which is everything to do with the distortion of community.

Jesus Christ came to restore to us the dominion we are made to walk in. The devil distorts that through the Babylonian curse, either getting us to reach for the wrong power the wrong way, or by getting us to legitimize being victims, calling it humility.

And the Holy Spirit meets us in the vast tapestry of creation, touching everything from the function of time to the complexities of our body and the ecosystem we live in.

The devil seeks to use the Egyptian curse to turn all the principles of Natural Law inside out and upside down.

This reversal of the principles of life that God has built into our world can have devastating consequences.

Here is a long series of teaching prayers designed to set you free from the clever bondage and restore right order to your life.


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