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We are celebrating a new class being launched in May, 2024.

There are two parts of good medical treatment – accurate, complete diagnosis and the treatment plan.

Same with deliverance and inner healing.  The hardest demons to evict are the ones that aren’t there, and the oldest demonic scam is to shove a minor critter to the front to manifest a little bit then leave, while the rest of the platoon stays on site!

This course is designed to help you cast a wide net for determining the whole range of problems that are interconnected, then to narrow it down to a shrewd strategy to take out the most important part of the stronghold swiftly.

The course is long – six months.  And it is built around several pieces of homework to be submitted in each lesson, followed by a Zoom call every three weeks.

In order to have a high level of interaction on the 90-minute Zoom call, we will limit each cohort to 30 people. Each cohort is in a different time zone since the SLG footprint is rather widespread.

The cost for the course is $400 USD.

To purchase, you will have to go to the Sapphire Training Center website.  Choose the time zone from the options below, click on the “More Info” button then explore the rest of the details there.

Please choose the cohort that matches your time zone.

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The Green Cohort

Europe, the Middle East and Africa will lead the charge with Tuesday evening Zoom calls.

These are the Green Cohort Zoom meeting dates:

  1. June 25th
  2. July 16th
  3. August 6th
  4. August 27th
  5. September 17th
  6. October 8th
  7. October 29th
  8. November 19th
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The Red Cohort

New Zealand, Australia and other Pacific nations will be on Thursday evenings.

These are the Red Cohort Zoom meeting dates:

  1. June 27th
  2. July 18th
  3. August 8th
  4. August 29th
  5. September 19th
  6. October 10th
  7. October 31st
  8. November 21st
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The Blue Cohort

North and South America will be the last of the three Zoom calls, mostly on Saturday evenings, with two dates on Sunday evening.

These are the Blue Cohort Zoom meeting dates:

  1. June 29th
  2. July 20th
  3. August 11th-Sunday
  4. August 31st
  5. September 21st
  6. October 12th
  7. November 3rd-Sunday
  8. November 23rd
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You can bookmark the STC site and check for other courses as we add them from time to time.

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