Breakers, Takers and Makers


This teaching introduces a major shift in focus in SLG.  It does not negate previous major themes, but it builds on them.

On the surface, the concept of becoming a builder is a relatively innocuous idea.  If someone wants to build a career or a ministry or a family or a legacy, it is generally acknowledged as OK, non-polarizing.

I disagree strongly.

I believe what you do and don’t know how to build, why you build, or don’t, and how you build are fundamental issues for the whole of your spiritual life.

There are so many people who have so many right things in their life, but they can’t get their spiritual life airborne.  My opinion is that many of those people are not building what they should, and therefore their spiritual assets are not forming a dynamic ecosystem.

This teaching will not be uniformly accepted.  I know that.

But even for those who disagree, having to explore, discuss, defend, debate and dissent on the topic, will be broadening for them and those around them.

This teaching will stand alone in anyone’s life and cause you to rethink much of what you have been doing.  However, it is specifically designed to be a foundation for the Passionate Manhood Part 3 seminar in Shelby, NC on August 12, 2023.  We will begin a three seminar series on how to transition into being a Kingdom builder, in a way that is unique for you.

This teaching is so significant to the trajectory of SLG that we are presenting it in video, audio and written form.  All three are the same.  Pick your preferred format.

The first time through, the intensity can be overwhelming.  I encourage you to go back another day, and listen again, to see what nuggets you can glean after having seen the bigger picture.

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