Brain Devices

Some individuals have pursued God with every tool they know. They have played their hearts out with integrity and yet remain baffled at their lack of progress. They know their King and His faithfulness. They know His principles work - at least for everyone else. But not for them. In these cases, it is possible that corrupted devices in the brain are contributing to this exasperating predicament.

When our Creator designed the template of the human brain, He fashioned it with more mystery and intricacy than we have dared to unpack. Every physical structure in the brain is loaded with connection to the spirit and soul besides the rest of the body. The health of the brain, like the hardware of our relatively crude computers, influences the function of our entire being - spirit, soul, body, birthright, and office.

The enemy, no stranger to this notion, has been ahead of us on this one. But where he has created misalignment, disconnection or glitches in the brain as a strategy for causing dysfunction in our walk, we know that wholeness is possible. God’s original design is good, and His ability as our righteous Healer superb.

What follows are deliverance prayers regarding three of probably many more devices that God built into our brains.

These particular three reflect the work of the Trinity in time, space and motion. They influence our orientation to God and the world around us - seen and unseen. For the sake of a picture we can easily grasp, we refer to these devices as the brain’s chronometer, cornerstone and gyroscope.