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Blessing Your Soul

The story of Joash.

When Joash was a baby, there was a palace coup. To save his life, his nanny hid him in the Temple. He stayed there in a mind bending paradox for six years. He was the crown prince - but was a virtual prisoner.

He had no friends his age. He did not go to school, or the ball game, or shopping or to the beach. He had to pretend he did not exist!

Imagine being locked indoors for six years of early childhood!

Yet Joash used it to become deeply focused on His God. When he became king of Judah at the age of seven, he was God-focused. Once he had all the privileges of the throne, he did not pour himself into self-gratification, making up for lost time.

He brought the nation to God.

He had the courage to rise above the lack of human community and the aching loneliness to pursue a connection with God.

This book is a collection of stories and blessings that are designed to heal, nurture, and inspire your soul to rise above the various challenges of life with dignity and purpose.

From marriage, to work, to church, to personal growth and development, each blessing is tailor made to speak life and vitality into your soul.

The author, Arthur Burk is a man on a journey, exploring different facets of design. This book will give you language for many things you have already experienced but not known how to explain.

Have you read "Blessing Your Spirit"?

This is a bestselling companion book to "Blessing Your Soul". It is a collection of blessings based on the nature of the Father and the Names of God. When your spirit is in dominion and controlled by His Spirit, your whole person can be conformed to God's truth and His intention for you.

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