Blessing Your Heart Part 1


This seminar is the first of many to come.  There are over 800 verses about the heart in Scripture which we have been studying for over a decade, as well as all of the EKGs we did.  Out of that abundance of data, themes have emerged.

The firstfruits presentation of this deep treasure is of extreme importance to me.  We have embraced a prayer strategy we have never used before, as an investment in the spiritual dynamics supporting the message going out.

We specifically screened tightly for earned authority, and focused on the resources we had, not the need of the hour.

Here are some of the resources we used for this unconventional prayer strategy.  We encourage you to look at it as an experimental model not a finished product to be replicated.  Borrow from it the granular pieces that would fit your journey, and reassemble those pieces into a new format.


How is THAT Right?

Western cultures lead with their head.  We should be able to do what we understand.  God is clear that some things cannot be understood with the head, until the heart is repaired and enlarged.  Here is one example of where the heart HAS to lead the head.


Unfinished Heart Business Description

When are you done with inner healing of a particular issue?  Here is an EKG showing a heart with unfinished business, even though deliverance and inner healing of the rest of the person was finished.

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