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Blessing Your Brain Part 3 can stand alone, but its greatest impact comes as part of the sequence.

In this album we are looking at the primary focus of unleashing your spirit to be its finest. To do that, we covered the following topics:

1. Disconnecting from the globally shared spiritual dynamics of various kinds that smother our vitality.

2. Difficulty seeing what we need to see, especially in the Word of God.

3. The power of smell as a major tool for discernment in determining where God is (and isn’t!)

4. Unlocking the finest treasures of our spiritual heritage that are needed to go from good to great in our Kingdom work.

There is deep Biblical teaching that you will want to listen to a few times and take notes. There are prayers that can be deconstructed to be repackaged as finely tailored prayers for your own journey.

But overall, there is a deeper treasure of spiritual passion and power that heals, for those who wish to play it regularly in the background of their daily life, in order to heal the brain of things we don’t even have words for.


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