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Bible Study Methods Podcast

Buy PodcastThere are foundational tools for every trade. Bible study is no different. The bulk of the attention in the last 20 years has been on marketable tools. These are not bad, but there happen to be a whole lot of tools that don’t require a penny and can be highly profitable. We will be exploring many of these timeless treasures that have worked for me.

Most of Scripture is about transitions. If people lived uneventful lives for 40 years, that usually merits little more than a prepositional phrase in Scripture. However, the transitions are where awful decisions were made and where the power of God often flowed. I have never heard a sermon on the Biblical theology of transitions. Such a pity. But we can fill in the gap as I show you my tools for deconstructing transitions effectively so that the principles are transferable.

Awe of God
This is the emotion of the human spirit, and it will do much to transform every other aspect of your life. Working on correcting the branches of a tree, when the root is not there, is pointless. There are many stories in Scripture that show God growing awe in people who did not have it. This series of episodes will show you where to look for the stories that most closely match your journey.

We were called to take over the whole world and transform it. We are much better at talking about the world than changing it. And we are so focused on the pursuit of miracles that we miss so many other tools. This will explore how to find in Scripture the tools for dominion that match your situation. We are not called to be powerless, and being meekly useless is not godly.

The wars in the Middle East demonstrate the difference between dominion and transformation. Most nations have found it fairly easy to blow things up and establish some meager aspect of dominion, but transforming the hearts of the people and their values and their social structures is a very different issue. I will be showing how to identify the transformation stories in Scripture that are closest to your current situation.

Buy PodcastGod is seasonal. While there are grand constants running throughout all of history, there are also very distinct seasons. People try to identify seasons before they come, through prophetic insights. And after they come, we try to determine how to live in them by trial and error. There is a better way. God recorded hundreds of seasons for us in Scripture so we can learn to recognize the right responses to seasons through the use of principles.