Heart Project

There is no form for the application. You will need to write a personal email.

Send it to

  • 1. Name, time zone and contact info.
  • 2. Describe your current connection with the portions of your spirit. How many are restored? Who is the dominant one? Are you primarily able to hear your spirit, or also see things in the spirit realm?

    DON’T send a history of all the ministry you have had. We want to know the product, not the process.
  • 3. Describe what your connection with nature looks like, that causes you to think you are a Creation person.
  • 4. Mention lightly any significant medical issues such as cancer, heart problems or epilepsy.

After receiving your email, Lynn will dialog with you and me and let you know whether you qualified for Phase Two. At that time, she will work with you on scheduling.

Additional Resources