A Righteous Gyroscope

Where the cornerstone relates to horizontal orientation, the gyroscope expresses vertical orientation. From the perspective of the powers of darkness, there is a tremendous battle for whether we will be oriented up or oriented down.

The New Age field of energy medicine, for example, teaches that you are grounded from your tailbone to the earth, and you draw strength from the earth that flows up through your body. Hindu chakra points flow upward. Freemasonry builds on 33 vertebrae, progressing up, until you become a god at the top. Movement is from the earth upward. This is the orientation of the world’s gyroscope and the devil’s gyroscope.

God’s gyroscope is very different. Jesus Christ is our Head. He is our covering. And life flows from above, down through our bodies to our feet, which can sanctify the land we walk on rather than absorbing defilement from it.

The ungodly gyroscope fits, then, in the broader framework we have observed of the Egyptian heresy in which there is a reversal or twisting to make the opposite of everything God is and has established.

In the glorious vision of Ezekiel 1, the cherubim take their position below God’s sapphire throne. Wheels within wheels have eyes all around. The passage specifically notes that the spirit of the cherubim was in the wheels.

Similar to the presence of the cherubim’s spirit in the wheels, we see the Holy Spirit associated with intense motion elsewhere—hovering over the deep at creation, descending like a dove at Jesus’ baptism, and coming down with tongues of fire and rushing wind at Pentecost.

This third prayer focuses on the removal of an ungodly gyroscope, that we might move in synchronicity with a righteous gyroscope that is aligned with the Holy Spirit. Let me reiterate that this prayer is only for those in blood covenant relationship with Jesus Christ. You are free to read through without engaging. Simply let God know that you are only observing. You are also free to lean in and tell the Lord that you want to receive this cleansing.


Most High God, righteous Judge of the universe and also our loving Father, I come to you on behalf of each individual who is reading this and choosing to participate in a cleansing process. I speak as an attorney on their behalf, a priest after the order of Melchizedek in Your royal priesthood.

I bring accusation against Your ancient enemy that he has leveraged the sin of mankind in order to establish an ungodly gyroscope or damage the gyroscope You originally established in this individual.

We own our responsibility of human actions. I ask You to open the books from the beginning of time to the present in every branch of the family line, blood lines, marriage lines, adoptive lines, and every covenant line—religious, civil, or social.

Wherever there has been an open door for the enemy, we include it today in our legal process.

The sin, rebellion, and iniquity. The covenants, curses, symbols, and ceremonies that are found in the record. We bring all of these before Your throne, admitting heinous human sins against the Most High. We acknowledge that we deserve to have the problems we have, because we and our forefathers have sinned.

At the same time, we claim the mercy that Christ offers us and apply the strength of His death, burial and resurrection against all that iniquity.

We ask now that in a single word from Your throne You would blot it all out - including the covenants and agreements with death and Sheol - and that there would be no protection or provision left for Your ancient enemy and his minions who would seek to guard an iniquitous gyroscope in this person’s brain.

We ask You, Father, to cut off connection with gyroscopes in other individuals, gyroscopes on land, in the water, under the earth, and in death and Sheol itself. Let there be a complete isolation of this device.

Father, the spinning of this device has wound up many threads and strings of other people’s lives. For all the mass of threads around this ungodly gyroscope, we ask You to sever, sever, sever, sever. Dismantle, detach and isolate this gyroscope from the movement of other human beings and of other spirit beings. Leave it disconnected from people and from the forces below.

Father, remove every demonic guard and any alien human spirit that may be attached that is shared or paired with any other device anywhere else in the world. Strip it away.

Remove, in full, this device from spirit, soul, brain and birthright. Remove any mirror image of it. Remove any substitute and any backup. Remove the whole of everything that did not come from You, was not designed by Your hand, and is not a blessing from You to this individual. Pull it out by its roots. Remove the very deepest roots that go down into death and Sheol itself. Purge this individual’s spirit, soul, body, birthright and office.

We ask that You apply the blood of the Lamb - the blood of the new covenant that is not a covenant with death - to cleanse all the portions of this person’s humanity. Apply the salt of healing to the deep wounds that have resulted in the brain by the extraction of this device.

Break all programming that triggers the ungodly gyroscope and calls it back into existence, as well as every facsimile of it. We ask You to break, break, break, break the unholy neurological patterns and prune the synapses that have been used for this so that every trigger remains useless when it lands in the ear or eye gate.

Bring the oil of the Holy Spirit to sanctify the place where God’s own gyroscope is supposed to be established, a different place and a different positioning than the devil’s gyroscope.

Father, we lift up to You the majesty of the picture we have in Ezekiel 1 of the wheels within wheels that moved at the speed of light, surrounded by eyes all around so that there was no backside where vision was obscured, no lack of peripheral vision.

There is sight everywhere, all the time. They move in perfect synergy and synchronicity with the Spirit and with the cherubim as flashes of lightning come and go. That picture is magnificent. We ask that with the same magnificence You would settle the gyroscope in this brain where it belongs and begin it spinning in the right direction with the right speed.

May Your life flow in this individual, like the river from Your throne, flowing down from heaven into this spirit, soul, body, birthright and office. In defiance of the enemy’s heresy that seeks to twist and reverse Your ways, we invite You to establish the proper flow of movement in the fullness of this individual’s humanity. May it be a beautifully synchronized dance in partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Now, Father, I appeal to You on the basis of Your concept of proportionality. You alone know whether the individual reading this is young, midlife, or approaching promotion to heaven. I present to You the progression of proportion in the nation of Israel.

There was a time when they did not worship You in any building at all. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob built altars in different places. But there was no permanence in the shape of their worship. In the long period of Egypt, there was no building.

At the tabernacle, You established a building with precise proportions. The Holy Place was twice the size of the Holy of Holies. There was a two to one ratio. This proportion was appropriate for the nation of Israel at that point in their maturity.

Centuries passed. The tabernacle was relegated to history, and You designed a temple in heaven and gave new proportions for a new chapter in Israel’s history. The proportions structured the Holy of Holies at two units and the Holy Place three units, a three to two ratio instead of a two to one.

Father, I don’t understand those proportions. But I know that as we go further to the ultimate temple, the New Jerusalem, it is now cubic. There is only the Holy of Holies. There is no Holy Place, much less an entrance to the Holy Place.

I present to You this progression of proportions and ask that for this individual You establish the correct proportions among the devices in the brain that will be appropriate to this stage of life and spiritual journey toward You. Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone, is the same proportions yesterday, today, and forever. But I ask that the devices in the brain of chronometer, cornerstone and gyroscope be proportioned exactly as You would have it, in alignment with this person’s journey with You.

Father, we ask You to bring the whole body, soul and birthright under subordination to these three divine devices. Let the chronometer, cornerstone and gyroscope move in dominion, creating new patterns in every fractal of the human body. May they create new rhythms, new cycles, new orientations. Let the government of God be established in this body and every other portion of this individual’s humanity through the chronometer, cornerstone and gyroscope that are definitive in their expression of the Trinity.

Now seal these things, Holy Spirit, so there can be no tampering by Your ancient enemy. We ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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