A Righteous Cornerstone

In Western cultures, we use a compass to orient our direction from the point of north. But the biblical framework uses east as its starting point. We still see it in words like orient and disorient. Orient means east. If we are disoriented, we have actually lost our “east” rather than losing north.

The east is God’s focal point. The tabernacle, temple, and wilderness campsites were all oriented to the east. The magi did not come from a nation, government or institution but “from the east.” Jesus entered Jerusalem from the east. His second coming will be from the east.

The tabernacle and temple were an analogy of Jesus, God the Son, the Word who “. . . became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14). Jesus Himself is the Cornerstone of God’s building. The cornerstone determines the horizontal orientation of everything else. Jesus is the focal point, the standard, the established mark we build from, orient from, and are guided by.

Where the enemy has corrupted the cornerstone of the brain, we want God to establish a righteous cornerstone that is oriented to the Cornerstone that is Jesus Christ. This next prayer addresses the cornerstone. It is written for those who are in covenant relationship with Jesus. As you read, you are free to engage or disengage from applying these words to yourself by acknowledging with your will either “I am only looking at this,” or “Lord, I am receiving this.”


Father, I come into Your presence now as a member of the royal priesthood according to the order of Melchizedek, on behalf of this child of Yours, who has a promise from You of freedom and dominion but has not yet experienced it.

We ask, Father, that You would open the books from the beginning of time to the present and identify every place in the family line where the door has been opened to allow an ungodly cornerstone. We ask this of the blood line, marriage line, adoption line and any other covenant line that has given the enemy legal right to tamper with the cornerstone in the brain. We ask You to identify as well, every place in this individual’s life where choices were made, covenants established, iniquity committed, or rebellion embraced that in part or whole contributed to the construction of an ungodly cornerstone.

We reject those things and turn away from them. We repent of the insult to Your majesty and Your right sense of order. And we plead, with gratitude, the sufficiency of the blood of Jesus to blot out our sins and cleanse us from unrighteousness.

We ask now that You would remove from this brain every demonic device that does not represent Your original design and was not placed there by You.

Any cornerstone that is not precisely and accurately linked to the Cornerstone, that is Jesus Christ, must be removed and destroyed. Any cornerstone that is not oriented in the direction of heaven’s master plan must be removed or realigned. We ask You to sever - in every direction - every line and spiritual tie connecting the ungodly cornerstone to any other ungodly cornerstone. Leave it completely isolated. And disconnect this individual’s spirit, soul, body, birthright and office from any ungodly cornerstones that exist, no matter where or how they were formerly connected.

We ask You to remove all the rubbish, darkness, pain, and disorientation that was associated with this false cornerstone.

If any unclean spirit, internally or externally, is connected to, drawing strength from, or giving strength to an ungodly cornerstone, please send Your warring angels to remove that unclean spirit.

If any alien human spirits - internally or externally, shared, paired, or alone - are connected to this, we ask You to extract them immediately as well, with no recourse.

If the cornerstone was connected to any portals, we ask You to sever that tie. May we no longer be connected to, guided by, or resourcing any person, spirit or piece of land through an ungodly cornerstone.

If this individual has DID and parts loyal to the old cornerstone, we ask You to override their loyalty with the will of the core person who is present - not a religious part but the core person. Comfort them where they feel bereft of what they have considered their anchor point, but nonetheless override their will and remove the false cornerstone.

If there are any curses or covenants attached to this individual, or any agreements with death or Sheol, we ask You to nullify the curses and cancel the agreements. May there be no protection for this false cornerstone or for any unclean spiritual entities associated with it.

Finally, if this cornerstone has been associated with programming, particularly in the right ear, we ask You to break that chain. Break, break, break, break the neurological pathway that the programming has used so that it cannot touch any portion of the brain. Let that pathway be pruned such that those neurons no longer exist. And if the programming trigger is sounded, let there be no response.

Father, we ask that in Your mercy You would purge the amygdala - that portion of the brain that is the library where all of life’s experiences are stored. Please neutralize from that vast file of data, all data associated with a wrongly oriented cornerstone that has led to inappropriate choices, experiences and emotions - even if we deeply believe those emotions are right.

We invite You, Father, to override the guardian of the amygdala, to edit and censor everything You want corrected or removed - even if every portion of our humanity believes those experiences to be true. We acknowledge that heaven’s truth transcends our beliefs and ask that Your truth be established in us.

Now, Father, we speak that profound curse from Psalm 9:6 over this ungodly cornerstone and the place where it was: Let even the memory of the name of that object be purged from reality. In this building where we are now, long before a building existed here, some kind of plant grew in this very spot. But there is no memory of it, not even its name - Was it a vine or tree? Poisonous or medicinal? There is no record of it, expunged from human history. With that same savageness and severity, we are asking, Father, that You would bring the holiness of heaven to bear on this location in the brain so that there is no trace even of the memory of the false cornerstone.

Please apply the blood of Christ to that place to purge the spirit, soul, brain and birthright of Your child. And apply the salt of healing to every place that has been traumatized.

In the appropriate time, we ask that the oil of Your anointing would sanctify that place that is meant to be a representation of heaven’s orientation here on earth. We pray that glorious prayer, Lord: “Your kingdom come; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In heaven’s time, when cleansing, healing and sanctifying have taken place, we pray down from heaven, into this individual, heaven’s own cornerstone. The cornerstone You designed us to live according to, to walk according to, to experience and be guided by. Place here the cornerstone that is uniquely crafted for this brain, that fits into the socket You designed, in precise alignment with the Cornerstone, that is Jesus, the Christ.

We ask that You would give the word - Command that it be settled there, established, anchored and sealed by the Holy Spirit so that it can never be moved, never be rotated and never be repurposed by any power of darkness.

Having calibrated the spiritual cornerstone that is a representation of heaven’s own directionality, please, Father, begin the process of weaving it into the whole of our humanity. You and You alone know, Father, what it represents. You know how to recalibrate. You know how to establish right order. Let all the portions of our humanity - spirit, soul, body, birthright and office - be exquisitely aligned to the newly anchored, established and sealed cornerstone of heaven. Let the whole of this life come into alignment with heaven’s own cornerstone that will not be moved.

We ask these things through the power of the shed blood of Jesus, the Christ of Nazareth. We ask in the name of the One who not only died, who not only went to Sheol to proclaim the new day and new triumph. We ask in the name of the One who rose from the dead with a glorious new covenant, a better covenant that is for the renewing of all things.

We lay claim on that covenant, that covenant of right alignment with the cornerstone of heaven as part of our heritage. In Jesus’ glorious name we ask this, Amen.

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