A Righteous Chronometer

God the Father possesses the elevated name The Ancient of Days. This name speaks of the One who is bigger, larger, more immense, beyond, limitless. It addresses His eternity and also His position as venerable, revered, hallowed and deserving of honor. He is the ancient and the holder of all ancient knowledge.

Timing and its control represent a consistent conflict among God and mankind and the enemy. One of the most majestic phrases in all of Scripture is the phrase, “in the fullness of time.” In the fullness of time - with the facets of history all in perfect alignment - God inserted Himself into the stream of human history as a babe in Bethlehem.

The issue of time, timing, our relationship with time, and our connection to the God of all time is a battlefield the enemy greatly desires to control. When he can get us to move ahead of God or behind God - out of time in one form or another - he disorders and disarranges. When he can get us to doubt God’s time, to be angry at God’s time, to sit in judgment of God’s timing, or to believe that God has lost control of timing, he gains profound control in our lives.

This deliverance prayer addresses the brain’s chronometer and the issues of time.

A chronometer measures time, measures it very precisely. Originally developed to count time and determine longitude at sea, chronometers measure time independently of the rolling of the sea, the minute fluctuations in earth’s gravity and temperature variations. They are set apart from and stand above other influences in their measurement.

We want the chronometer within our brains to orient to and accurately align with God the Father, the Ancient of Days.

This prayer is for someone who is in blood covenant with Jesus Christ. If you have not established your relationship with Him, you should deal with that first. It would not be wise to participate in this prayer apart from that settled position. You may wish to be sure you agree with this prayer before you engage in it. Anyone may read through this material for observation only. Simply acknowledge with your will, “I am only looking, not engaging at this time.” Those who wish to participate in the deliverance are likewise invited to acknowledge with your will as you pray through what follows, “Lord, I am receiving this.”


Father, we come today as a company of God’s people in blood covenant with Jesus, the Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the true and living God, to war against the replacement of God’s chronometer in our brains.

We come to You, the Ancient of Days, and proclaim that You are the Lord of time.

You are the author of time. You are the metronome that controls the cadence of time. You are the only one who has the right to change time, to suspend time, to operate outside of time. You are the same through all of time- yesterday, today and forever.

You have designed the sun and moon to govern the seasons, to govern the times. You have designed the Exhorter gift to be a human authority structure to partner with You in the ordering of time and the execution of Your right timing.

You have designed within our bodies, even, a number of time-related devices. In the vertebrae of our spine, You include C4, the female expression of the Exhorter gift, and T4, the male expression of the Exhorter. You made L1 the female expression of time and T8 the male expression of time. These reflect in the human body both time and the control of time.

The book of Daniel says that Your ancient enemy will attempt to change the set times and appointed seasons in defiance of You.

Father, we do not understand how our human choices allow time and the chronometer in our brains to be defiled and replaced. But whatever responsibility belongs to us and our forefathers, we own it.

We ask You to open the books from the beginning of time to the present. Examine every branch of our family lines - all our blood lines back to Adam, all our marriage lines that exponentially multiply our access to defilement, and all adoptive lines. Examine the covenant lines of every religious, political, business, civil, and spiritual organization we’ve been involved in. In every branch of these lines where the enemy could access, defile, and corrupt us, we ask You to identify the open doors.

We plead guilty as charged to that enormous condemnation that rightly sits before Your court.

At the same time, we plead the finished work of Christ on the cross, His suffering and His sinless death. We plead His triumph in Sheol as He spent three days proclaiming there His dominion over darkness. And we plead His resurrection with power to release to us a new and better covenant.

On that basis, we ask for the obliteration of all legal right that your enemy has claimed against us.

Now, Father, we ask that if there is a defiled, exchanged or corrupted chronometer in this individual’s brain or spirit that You would now remove it.

We cut off the ties between an ungodly chronometer and all other support. This includes ties to every demon, whether inside or outside this individual. Ties to any alien human spirit, whether it is in partnership with a demon or operating alone. Ties to any other spirit beings, and ties to any other chronometers on land.

We ask also that You would disconnect this person from every covenant, curse, symbol, ceremony, sexual activity, or bloodshed.

Sever any tie related to the moon or its symbols. In the occult realm, the moon is a symbol of perverted timing. A vast amount of evil is done in dedicating all the parts of our humanity to a supposed moon goddess, the power of the moon, or a lunar calendar. We now reject and renounce those curses and covenants, along with any agreements made with death and Sheol. We reject their power to protect an ungodly chronometer.

Father, we specifically address the parallel between the discs in the spine and the moon. Whatever that spiritual dynamic is, we don’t fully understand it. We know that it was not designed by You, and that is all we need to know. We reject it. We repudiate it. We ask You to disconnect, from anything associated with the moon, every single disc in the spinal column, one by one. For every vertebra and all the spaces in between, all the way down to the spine’s terminus at the coccyx, let there be a disconnect and purging from any moon god, any lunar calendar, and any lunar cycle that was not established, ordained and blessed by the Most High God.

We ask You also to remove any programming associated with the right and left ear, any device that has been constructed in the vicinity of the ears and is triggered by either an alien human spirit or a demonic spirit. Dismantle that device in the spiritual realm and prune the neurological pattern in the brain that has been developed to run interference. May there no longer be any clicking sound or fear generated when the Word of God is coming against the work of the enemy.

Oh, Father, please extract now all final shards and shreds of that evil and ungodly device from this individual’s humanity - spirit, soul, every portion of the body (not just the brain and spinal column), birthright and office. Extract every mirror chronometer in the birthright and every alien birthright that comes with someone else’s chronometer. We reject those, strip them away, and ask that spirit, soul, body, birthright and office would be rendered free of ungodly chronometers.

Now, Father, we ask You to wash this individual’s entire humanity with the blood of the Lamb and with water from the river that flows from Your throne. Like Naaman, whose skin was restored to newer than new, better than the best skin he had even before the leprosy, may this person’s humanity - spirit, soul, body, birthright and office - be purged to a degree beyond anything ever experienced before. In so doing, may You be avenged against Your ancient enemy.

Then bring the salt of Your healing. Restore all that needs to be restored, everything that was damaged by wrong timing, all the way down to the level of the atoms. In the molecules, cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body, let there be healing of all the damage caused by being desynchronized.

We pray this especially for those with Alzheimer’s. Where a wounded or defiled chronometer has resulted in desynchronization, we pray for healing on this day. May each cell be able to synchronize in precise timing with other cells.

Finally, we ask the Holy Spirit of the true and living God to anoint the spirit, soul, body, birthright and office where the new chronometer will be installed so that it becomes a suitable place for this heavenly device to be established. When those processes are complete, Father, we invite You to install heaven’s own chronometer, programmed and calibrated by You.

Psalm 139 declares that “. . . all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” There is a precise time line that is unique to each individual, but it is also synchronized with the master clock of heaven. Father, You are precise in time in Your dealings with us. The exodus happened at a precise time. The crucifixion happened at a precise time. The resurrection happened at a precise time. The calling of the apostles was at a precise time. The Second Coming is such a precise time that it is a secret held by You, Father, a perfect point on the chronometer known to You and You alone. You are the God of time. And You cause every individual to function rightly and to fit together with other individuals in precise time when they are in alignment with the timing of heaven.

We speak first to the body. As You settle the chronometer that is aligned with heaven and this point of time in history, we ask that it exercise dominion over the whole of the body, from the brain down through every vertebra of the spine, especially C4, T4, T8 and L1. Through all the discs and spaces, let there be heaven’s imprint and cadence. Let every branching pair of nerves come into alignment with divine time. Let every organ be synchronized. Let the important trilogy of brain, heart, and lungs function in an algorithm that aligns with the divinely placed chronometer.

Father, bring this soul into alignment with heaven’s time. Align it under the dominion of the spirit. Let the spirit be perfectly synchronized to the chronometer, properly adjudicating and leading the soul.

We ask You to weave this individual’s time line together so that no strand is exempted from subordination to heaven’s chronometer. Let this individual’s time be defined, even in the past, by heaven’s devices. The portion of time that has already been lived is not beyond Your redemption. We ask that the chronometer from the hand of God would align and sanctify the past with all of its blemishes, pain, brokenness, and places where we have rejected our time. Reassemble this time line, we ask.

Allow the dominion of this chronometer to define time rather than its being defined by the enemy’s chronometer. And going forward, Father, into the future, position the chronometer so that the future time line is all going to be under its dominion, its speed defining the movement of time.

For the birthright that encompasses the world outside of us, we ask that it be forcibly brought into alignment with heaven’s chronometer. Do not let it be running ahead or behind the chronometer.

For those who are single and called to marriage, we call into alignment the timing of that meeting. Please forcibly thrust men and women from the places they’ve been hidden by the enemy and bring them together in divine appointments.

Where couples are waiting for the child You have promised, let the alignment of their sexuality and their reproductive powers be perfectly matched so that the child of Your choice is conceived from the egg of Your choice, according to Your predetermined will.

For babies who are struggling to be born, define the timing of birth as neither early nor late but precisely aligned with Your chronometer. May those births not be influenced by the moon or things of that nature but by heaven’s time.

For churches that need to be planted or need to die. For businesses that need to open, expand, or close. For the government institutions we interface with. On every level of society, Father, we ask that the chronometer You established within Your covenant people would force itself on the outside world.

Father, neither Rome nor the Jewish leadership wanted Jesus to die when He did. Yet His chronometer forced itself on the civil government and religious government of the day, and they synchronized to heaven’s time. You imposed Your will on the Roman Empire to cause a census to be taken before His birth, and You imposed Your time on Mary and Joseph. You imposed Your time on the world in every facet of Jesus’ life. And nothing the devil has can transcend Your will and Your time.

And so, we call forth the force of God the Father, executing His will through the birthright of His covenant people who are in alignment with His chronometer. Let the will of heaven flow.

We pray as we’ve been taught to pray, “Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” And in heaven, Father, Your will is done on time, all the time, every time, with no obstruction to your time. We call for nothing less for Your covenant people. As Your chronometer is established in our spirit, soul, body, birthright and office, let Your will flow through us and impose itself on the outside world.

We lift up that great passage from the book of Daniel: A throne was set up. And the Ancient of Days came and sat upon that throne and adjudicated on behalf of His people because it was the fullness of time. For these, Your covenant people who have embraced the godly chronometer and repudiated the enemy’s substitute, we ask that the force of the Ancient of Days would roll like a mighty, unstoppable victory through the Body of Christ. We pray these things in the name of the Ancient of Days, of the King of Kings Jesus, and of our Intercessor the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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