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This is a new feature. Our staff will take turns picking their favorites from our library of products, and share why these teachings matter a lot.

Defiance Part 3: Marriage

One of the most painful parts of my job is watching people playing their hearts out with an inadequate set of tools. So much effort. Not enough results. I ache to give them better tools.

This is, in my opinion, the best live stream I have ever done. It explores five facets of attacks on marriage that are not normally talked about. This will not heal everything in a marriage, but if you have been working hard, and not getting the results you should, this might help you get that "lurch."

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High Impact Christians

One of the biggest shifts in the church, in the last 40 year has been the leap to prominence of apostles. It is tragic that there has been so much damage done by the apostolic movement.

This album presents the apostolic movement from a different perspective, differentiating the Ishmaelite Apostolic from the New Apostolic.

If you have been in a church with a strong apostolic leadership, this teaching will give you the tools to sort out what happened.

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Marriage and High Impact Christians bundle

And if you are working on your marriage AND on your relationship with a present or former apostle, click here for both products at once!

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