Our question: Can the human spirit do that?

For example, can the spirit of a child with autism be coached to fix an epigenetic switch, or reset the thalamus?

Is the spirit capable of changing an autoimmune disorder by stopping the production of antibodies?

Can the human spirit in partnership with the Holy Spirit heal heart disease?

We don’t know. Yet.

In this third season as a company, we’re embarking into leading-edge integrative medical research.

We already know there is a capacity for the human spirit to heal. Based on the last two decades of working with the human spirit, we’ve seen measurable, verifiable, sustained change with medical miracles in the womb when one person’s spirit coaches the spirit of the baby to heal club feet, cleft palates and heart malformations.

So our bigger question is HOW MUCH change can we affect?

Our assignment is to find out.

Note that God did not say the human spirit could do this. But we’re on a mission to find out. And then to equip you and some people in the medical profession with the tools once we’ve refined them.

In true SLG fashion, we are sure to fail forward and make some fascinating new discoveries on the journey.

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