SLG Has a New Research Assistant

We are grateful to all of you who have donated to the Research Fund. One of our recent expenditures was for a new kind of research assistant to help with the fractals in the bones.

I have a bit of a problem with medical research since I have never been to medical school. Those who write of such things have an intense need to be precise and accurate so they wax eloquent with myriad technical phrases which make no sense to me at all, so I can’t be precise and accurate.

Take for example this jewel.

“The cervical vertebrae exhibit considerable variation in their spinous processes. As a rule . . . the second, third, fourth, and fifth vertebrae possess bifid spines.

“The sixth and seventh demonstrate a tendency to be bifid with two small lateral tubercles. The sixth occasionally has a bifid spine, the seventh rarely. Occasionally all the cervical spines, with the exception of the second, are nonbifid.”

This is from a really classy article. Back in the day, people wrote things and claimed them. This article was peer reviewed, and it was curated by Ronald Bergman PhD. Classy. I shall have to consider curating a blog someday instead of writing it to see what the transformational effect would be.

But I digress.

Growing up in the jungle, as I did, our dinner time conversation was notably devoid of references to bifid cervical spines. I resorted to Google, explored various pictures and was simply not able to get the data I needed to understand how the bifid issue fit in with the fractal of seven in the cervical vertebra.

Hence, Fred, our new research assistant. Megan thinks he is adorable. I tend to see a bit more utilitarian value. We are grateful for your funding him.

To the left is our current model of the spiritual dynamics of the spine. Much more is being pondered and we will release updated (that is code for ‘much more complex’) graphics in the future, but you can start with this. Click here for a downloadable PDF.

As insights come in, and time/money allow, we hope to develop a series of visual representations of the spiritual fractals of the human body.

Thanks so much for your investment in our research projects.

Arthur Burk
June 2016