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Office of Personhood


You ARE a person, but are you in the OFFICE of Personhood? How would you know? What if you are not? Can you get there as an adult? Yes you can.

This is a six CD set.

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The marketplace often makes you a commodity, not a person, through the hiring process.   You are hired because your skill set could bring value to the company. And when you cease to bring value, you are discarded.

This is called commoditization.

But it begins long before the marketplace. Usually by the end of your fifth year of life, you are fairly well established as a person or as a commodity. Your role in the community of the birth family is established casually through a hundred thousand small interactions.

Ironically, the “better” you are, the more value you bring to the community, the more apt you are to become a commodity.   The cute little girl becomes a showpiece for the family, bringing honor to the family in the eyes of the community. The precocious child who can read before going to kindergarten also becomes a commodity.

When a child is commoditized, instead of being placed in the office of personhood, it will cripple their ability to enter the next three sequential offices – son/daughter, man/woman, husband/wife.

While the problem is widespread and the consequences profound, it is quite possible to heal this problem in adulthood.

This album does a thorough diagnosis of the problem and provides an equally thorough game plan for you to enter each of the designated offices.

This album was released in 2015.

This is a six CD set.



I've had trouble putting words to my relationship with God and with myself and what should and what should not. This was a massive revelation of how God sees me and what He enjoys about me. It helps me to know Him in all that I do.

A beautiful fit

I can’t single out a particular CD from this set, as it all builds onto one another. It was definitely worth my time!
This teaching fits beautifully into my own journey of being re-parented by God, and then parenting and leading. I love seeing how things fit together and I have recently discovered that this teaching fits a beautiful layer to Tim Elmore’s work (“Artificial Maturity” and “10 Huge mistakes parents make”. I think anybody in leadership could benefit from reading those books, by the way!) We are all of one body, all straightening the way for the King, layer by layer.
In this ‘layer’, or teaching there is an in-depth look at joy.
Joy has to be very important because look what the angel said about Jesus: “See! I bring you good news of great joy which is for all people.” (the angel that appeared to the shepherds to announce Jesus’ birth.) Our Saviour is “good news of GREAT JOY”, He is the source and defender of our joy. He wants all people to have great joy! He wants YOU to “enjoy your joy”!

Reflective and Directive

The application of this teaching can be so much fun. I initially wanted to speed through it, but taking the long-term suggestions reaped long-term rewards. I was amazed at what bubbled up when I gave the topic so much time and attention. My list of joys/design components kept growing and growing, getting deeper and deeper. And then armed with so much data, it was a joy and almost easy to identify and put words to my core design. Now I’ve been able to see how to utilize this design, with no strings attached, for God’s glory. This teaching feels essential to knowing yourself and walking in maturity.

Enjoying my Joy

This album was a blessing to my family and I! I have listened to it a few times and love the teaching on Enjoying your Joy!! Life can be painful and difficult. It is sometimes challenging finding the beauty and joy in the journey. It helped me to remember to take time throughout the day to be mindful to Enjoy my Joy!!

You mean I’m a Person Too!

I remember bits and pieces of my childhood at times and think jeepers, where did I hear that children were to be seen and not heard? It was just a part of the generation I grew up in I guess. It seemed like children were a burden to bear and we just got in the way half the time. We didn’t have any ideas worth much and forget about being our own person. Ha! We were treated like non persons who got yelled at for breathing too loudly in school. Forget about sharing those unworthy ideas with the other ‘non persons’ in your kindergarten class in line at recess. You’re liable to be pulled out of line by your ear for talking too much.

Who knew that there were way more “offices” than those of the 5-fold ministry? Who knew that not being in the office of personhood could stunt your growth, make you a one dimensional character in a low rate novel?

Who knew that adulthood could be really glitchy and you could be overlooked for a job just because you spent a lot of time in a play pen?

Do you know what brings you joy? I have observed my younger daughter and she enjoys playing every grand piano she comes across. Every church we minister at that has a grand piano she asks permission to play it.

I love smooth white stones...always have. I had a favourite oval shaped one that I would hold against my cheek after it had been in the freezer. Why? I don’t know. I don’t have to know. I just enjoyed that joy.

This album explores the various offices we need to go through to become a well rounded person and Arthur teaches how to recapture what may have been missed along the way.

I spent a lot of time on our enclosed verandah playing as a child in my formative years, for fear of my step grandmother’s pack of dogs. It took a lot of imagination to play for hours on that 4x20ft enclosed runway. The verandah was my protection as well as my prison. The dogs were a real danger for sure but not being able to explore my personhood freely off the verandah stunted the growth of my spirit and prevented my soul from maturing in some significant ways.

Arthur shares a boatload of his joys he enjoys and I found myself coming alive as he shared. I discovered that I really enjoy hearing about what brings others joy. I found myself rejoicing with him and I even got to know myself better in the process.

I have a much wider repertoire of things I enjoy that I had not considered before listening to this album. It has made me more expansive as a person, daughter, woman, and wife.

You will learn how to intentionally move into the offices that have eluded you all these years. Happy wife, happy life Lol.

Get this album you will enjoy it! (:

Free to be Me!

This teaching all that came before and after have been a complete life changer for me, stepping into and possessing each of these offices has changed my life dramatically, even down to moving to a new city! May everyone connected with SLG now and in the future be blessed to the core of who Father created you to be, may you walk in peace and leave it everywhere you go, may you never stop being you, discover your birthright and live it to the fullest!

Office of Personhood

I bought this album searching for answers for narcissism within my family culture. Learning how to shift from being a commodity to a person and to celebrate the wonderful things God has created me to enjoy and helping point those out in others and celebrating with them has been such a joyous fruit from this album. After many years not understanding what was wrong, the nuggets shared here were and are a huge part of our healing processes. I recommend this to anyone who isn't sure how to enjoy their own life...and send blessings on that journey toward discovering, appreciating and loving the wonderful person God designed.

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Following my recent journey through D.I.D. into wholeness, I was encouraged, by a close friend and counselor, to "get to know" myself. Arthur's album on the "Office of Personhood" is an excellent tool to help move anyone along in this process.

The messages are life-giving and encouraging. After his initial explanation of how one enters the Office of Personhood--discovering your design and enjoying your joy--Arthur emphasizes that nobody else can put you into this Office; you have to do it for yourself. This was wonderfully liberating to hear! Despite my past, and regardless of whether or not there are others in my life to help in this process, this is something I can do!

I so appreciate the practical steps suggested here. The projects are delightful and healing. It's a breath of fresh air to focus on the things that bring joy. I have begun walking through these, and I'm looking forward to the next few months of discovering my design and learning to enjoy my joy.

I would recommend this album to anyone who is struggling with their identity...

Thank you, Arthur, for partnering with the Lord in sharing this life-giving tool with the Body of Christ.

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This set is an amazing tool that packs some powerful revelation and incredible opportunity! It held so many gifts for me: a greater AWE of my Heavenly Father, a hunger to get to know the "real" person He created in me, and a desire to embrace the special design He made uniquely for my life. The time I spend doing the recommended exercise is a highlight of my day. This set is for anyone who wants to press into being the best they can be and experience a deeper level of joy in the Father.

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A Tool for Life

The 'Office of Personhood' album is truly a tool for life. It has been so life changing to me as a person. It has taught me how to discover more about myself and God's design and purpose for my life, but it has also shown my a different way of looking at and treating other people. i am now looking to see their design and how they are enjoying their joy. This can be applied in every area of your life. I have certainly applied this in business and work. I highly recommend this, especially if you are fighting futility.

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Office of Personhood

Office of Personhood

You ARE a person, but are you in the OFFICE of Personhood? How would you know? What if you are not? Can you get there as an adult? Yes you can.

This is a six CD set.

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