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Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar CD


Your spirit should be stronger than your soul and able to impact your soul and body. Here are tools for engaging the spirit in transformational ways.

This is a seven CD set.

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Do you feel like you have come into the middle of a conversation when it comes to the human spirit?

You have!

Now we have the beginning of the story for you.

This teaching takes you step by step through the process of working with the human spirit.

Arthur begins with the story of his own pilgrimage, starting from the place of having no concept of ministering to the spirit. He shares how God drew him into a new concept and how he looked in Scripture for the Biblical support.

The first step is to engage a person’s spirit, as distinct from their soul. After teaching on that, Arthur models it with two different people. One was an individual who already knew and trusted Arthur and whose spirit was excited about connecting.

The other was a person whose spirit had been wounded and was quite unwilling to come to the front and engage.

The second component of nurturing the spirit is legitimizing. After walking through the Biblical foundations, Arthur ministered to an individual who had uncovered an area of false legitimacy and had not yet managed to arrive at a new place.

Then he showed how to minister legitimacy to the spirit of an African American who had been severely delegitimized because of race.

Finally, there were three different sessions on how to instruct the spirit of a person on the level of the fruit of the Spirit, on the level of the redemptive gifts, and on the level of their niche anointings.

This tool will give you a solid beginning point in ministering to the human spirit. The seminar is split up into segments so that you can easily go back and listen to one section over and over again until you have mastered the skill set.

This album was released in 2007.

This is a seven CD set.


Astonishing Resource

This is where it all began! This tremendously exciting seminar came at the end of the season when Arthur was traveling and teaching about the human spirit. In this seminar, he works with individuals from the audience, and those blessings alone are worth the price of this album. For seven truth-packed CDs, Arthur lays down the foundation of understanding the human spirit, and builds on that with story after story of amazing miracles that took place when people learned how to nurture their spirit into being the glorious partner that God intended it to be.

Especially the last session of this seminar is so hair-raising that it might be the most astonishing exhortation that I've heard Arthur Burk give. And I've listened to a lottttt of his stuff.

This is a must-have if you are interested in maturing in your spirit. I recommend it highly.

SF Lau

Prior to watching Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar DVD, the only knowledge that I had about my being is that it comprises of spirit, soul and body. I had often pondered over my spiritual being as the church hardly preached on it. I recalled in my earlier years of Christian walk, I read an article that says our spirits are malnourished and we need to grow it. The prescribed methodology is to spend some time speaking in tongues everyday. I did that for a period of time and subsequently stopped as it did not yield any results.

I am grateful to God for leading me to this teaching that unveils tremendous knowledge about our human spirit – the essence, design and potential. What joy to discover the profound truth that our spirits are made of the light of God and are data-rich light that is embedded with the truth of who God is.

As a result, our spirits are very different from our souls and certain things can only be understood by our spirits. That is why God choose to communicate His will and His call with our spirits. It has been three and a half years since I embraced this teaching and I can testify these truths in my life. For thirty years as a Christian, I have not been able to figure out God’s call. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, God knew my soul is incapable of understanding His thoughts. BUT when I began to nurture and develop my spirit, God was able to reveal His heart and His call to me.

As illustrated in the teaching, “ministering to the human spirit” is a powerful and effective tool in the inner healing ministry. Some negative emotions such as shame lands in the spirit and not the soul. Therefore ministering to the soul will not give you any results. Similarly in situations where the soul is unable or unwilling to receive ministry, we would also have to engage the spirit and speak the truth to the spirit.

“Why do I want to nurture my human spirit?” “What is the most propelling reason?” It is none other than the first commandment. Every single one of our spirits carries a revelation and portrait of God because of the essence. As I unpack my spirit, I begin to know God in a way that I have never known before and His love lands deep in my spirit. And from that deep place, I am able to walk out the first commandment and love God in a deeper way.

My spiritual life has never been the same again after this teaching. I would strongly recommend this starter kit to anyone who wants to know “who his/her spirits is” and “how to nurture it”. And especially for those who desire to love God in a deeper way with their spirit.

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Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar CD

. So many Christians do not know their spirit nor how it works. This Set gives the how-to in many clear examples. You will come alive as you listen to these teachings. They are foundational as the entire human story revolves around how we were made by God and what makes us feel legitimate. And that will only come when your spirit has met God and you know that you know!
This Set brings healing to your spirit so your spirit can receive everything that God is trying to get to you. I highly recommend it to every one searching for More of God.

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Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar CD

Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar CD

Your spirit should be stronger than your soul and able to impact your soul and body. Here are tools for engaging the spirit in transformational ways.

This is a seven CD set.

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