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Are you working hard in the Kingdom of God with little results? You may be inhibited by the Ishmaelite apostolic. Learn how to be free from this bondage.

This is a six CD set.

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Artur Fischer recently died at the age of 96. He was born in Germany.  His father was a tailor and his mother ironed collars to make ends meet.  He became an inventor who eventually owned more patents than Thomas Edison.

How did he do it? It was not because his social status predisposed him to success.

Success has been studied relentlessly over the centuries with sundry ideas put forward as to what the “essential” components are for success in various cultures.

This album addresses the age old question through the grid of the Kingdom of Heaven. We start with the presupposition that we will be aliens in the cultures of the earth and therefore most of the parameters for success by the standards of this culture will not apply.

This model of the Christian as an outsider, battling the culture, has been well explored and articulated. Sadly, more Christians are consumed by the battle or compromised by the culture than transform the culture.

Arthur presents some different ideas for how a Noble Subject of the Great King can be a dynamic force in this world. Some of this is a reflection of the different strategies needed in the Mercy season.  Some is the result of his being a strategist by design.

You can be assured that this album is not more of the same old, same old.


Getting this Album Deals with a Huge Number of Items

Gang, I was asked a question about a vignette that Arthur presents in this record.

In said vignette, Arthur is mentioning a situation where a coven engaged with messing with SLG, and if I recall the details correctly, this was the coven led by the person he called Henry in Northern California.

And Arthur made this curious statement, with some of its context, in Disc 1, Cut 3: Four Qualities, picking up about the 2:00 mark till about 3:10:

"I deal, at all times, with opposition from the Satanic Realm: Individuals, demons, whatnot. It, just kind of goes with the territory (that background noise). But there's one particular group that has gotten pretty noisy, and aggressive, and inconvenient,

"and we have mobilized the Body of Christ that's with us to do a long-term assault. We're praying Light of G-d into their lives, for them to see what G-d wants them to see, and to be seen.

And here is the curious statment:

" Now I am very careful with my prayers. YOU DO NOT FIGHT WITCHCRAFT WITH WITCHCRAFT, but it is never wrong to ASK FOR THE LIGHT OF G-D TO SHINE SOMEWHERE for people to see what G-d wants them to see, and for them to be seen as G-d wants them to be see."
So the question to me was, "what does that mean?"

And I am going to give my perspective, given what I know about Arthur and SLG's commitiment to walk a clean walk and to engage in a Way that Works Better.

So my perspective.

I believe what Arthur means here is that you do not use the tactics that are proper to witchcraft to fight witchcraft. Control of the spirit realm, manipulation of the spirit realm, rooted in a focus of, "this is hurting me", or, "this is an inconvenience to me". What we pray and HOW we pray it are often equally important....

...especially in the Mercy Season where Intimacy is the root of our spiritual authority over protocol and structures and our capacity to apostolically declare and decree and shove things around because of we have the authority and power.
In the Ruler Season, that began to take its dying breaths, I think, in 2002 with the death of Bill Bright, and concluded its passing with the death of Billy Graham (season of transition), we had protocol and authority and we used that pizzazz and delcare-and-decree mindset to shove things around in the spirit. And in the Mercy Season we are doing less of the shoving around, and there is more of the esoteric finding flow and creating flow and finesse as we see for G-d to shine His light whereever He wants to shine it.

So, there is a partnership between intimacy; the deliberately-and-skillfully-written-and-spoken prayers; allowing G-d to do the heavy liftting as we partner with him from a place of intimacy; and the strategies that Arthur relayed for us from Life, Dominion, and Honor.

So, as we ask G-d to deal with covens, it is not going to always be the frontal assault of authoritative control and "you coven will repent or you will face judgment at my hands." But rather, it is from the Mercy flow of Father, shine your light whereever you want to shine it.

Give you another way of looking at it, as it pertains to all things political in America.
It is not just "G-d expose the Democrats or the Republicans."

It is "G-d, shine your light where you want to shine your light. And ENABLE them to see."

And you refuse to coach G-d on where He wants to shine His light.

It is the difference between:
1) G-d empowering someone or giving them to tools and understanding to see where they are so they can step into their design and birthright, versus
2) G-d MAKING someone do something that you want them to do, because their actions are causing you pain.

Often times, we talk about how frequently the devil is coming against us, and so we resort to using his tactics because we are being hurt rather than focusing on G-d's design for someone and His destiny and purposes, and so we make our pain or inconvenience the focus rather than the expansion of the kindgom and design the focus.

My encouragement to each of us is, as we grow and mature in intercession and warfare and dealing with ministry to others that do not want it (Seven Principles, Disc 5, Cut 8: Don't Want It), is that we see an increase of timespan between the times the enemy attacks us as we earn authority in the Principle of Authority and we have fewer overall attacks as the enemy begins to realize it will cost him because we have grown in being increasingly effective at stripping the clowns of the resources of their kingdom and seeing those kingdom of darkness resources and people transferred to the Kingdom of Light, because they grow to see how irresistable that Light of His Face is.

And if you want a really good challenge on several points, the teachings are High Impact Christians (this teaching) and The Seven Principles (in the Free Stuff), dealing with earned authority.

I will post a link here to Seven Principles.

Further, Arthur's dealinng with the perversion of the Fivefold Ministry that prevails in most of the Charismatic sector of the church is exquisite. I love the dynamics in which he describes the Ishmaelite Apostolic, is just fresh and real.

If you want a challenge, where Arthur invites you to a braai where the sacred cow that has been barbecued is the Fivefold Ministry and if you want to be challenged and see your viewpoint of prophetic and apostolic ministry expanded, this album is for you.

A Deeper Understanding of Purpose

I've listened to a LOT of Arthur's stuff, and so I was riveted by all the things in this album that I've never heard anywhere else. This was from a conference in 2016, and Arthur weaves a clear and compelling description of how to have the most powerful influence inside whatever area God has called you to.

And I dropped my jaw when I got to CD 4, Track 3. Arthur mentions all the great moves of God in the U.S., going all the way back to the first Great Awakening, and then, in each case, he shows how the babies who were CONCEIVED during those moves of God were the ones who grew up to be perfectly in place to bring restoration to the nation after large crises, such as the Civil War, WWII, etc.

And then the jaw-dropping moment: Arthur mentioned (remember, it's 2016) that many leaders believed that there would be some kind of large-scale crisis in 2020.

And that those who were conceived during the Jesus movement and the Charismatic Renewal, (so late 1960's through late 1980's) are the ones who would be positioned to help bring restoration and healing after whatever crisis might occur in 2020 & the following window.

If you were born in that window, or know anyone else who was, this album is a must-listen. I can't recommend it too highly.

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Exactly What I Needed to Hear!

I've purchased products from SLG that have been mind-expanding but I know after listening to them that they are for a future time in my life. Not so with this series! This has been a perfectly timed word in due season for me for now, during this December Window of Reconciliation with My Destiny. (See the "Free Stuff" for information on the four Windows throughout the year.)
If you, like me, find yourself in the uncomfortable and scary position of Abraham, instructed to go to a land that God was going to show him, but not having a clue whether to go north, south, east or west, the teachings and prayers in this set will provide you with some tools for the journey and the reassurance of knowing that this really is God and you are not alone in being suddenly uprooted and bewildered.
Arthur is once again able to communicate the big picture of where God is going, so that we can more easily cooperate with Him in the process of radically transforming the culture in this Mercy Season of human history.
Highly recommended!

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High Impact Christians

High Impact Christians

Are you working hard in the Kingdom of God with little results? You may be inhibited by the Ishmaelite apostolic. Learn how to be free from this bondage.

This is a six CD set.

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