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Healing Womanhood


Inner healing for wounds does not heal womanhood itself when it has been wounded. This album is for self-diagnosis and gentle healing of this core wound.

This is a four CD set.

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Many women have been in some sort of healing process at some point in their lives. Life is a rather brutal experience for many women.

But who are you after the healing?

Someone can have a wonderfully healed broken leg, but that doesn’t help them decide what they want to be when they grow up: athlete, entrepreneur, artist?

In the same way, womanhood is a goal that lies beyond healing.

But what is it?

Our culture is in the throes of a savage war to destroy the traditional definitions of women. In many ways, we find that modestly beneficial, since the traditional roles of the religious woman were broadly diminishing. Women had little opportunity to even explore what God might have for them, much less become that.

This album explores some deep-at-the-core concepts of what the foundation of womanhood is, followed by a very broad picture of how that might manifest in a diversity of applications.

In addition to the diagnostics, there are a variety of tools for moving in that direction.

This album is for therapists, clients, people on a solitary journey.

But most of all it is for MEN. It puts tools in the hands of husbands and fathers to walk wisely with the women in their lives.

This album was released in 2018.

This is a four CD set.


Still absorbing, so good

This album, like the Blessing Womanhood album, so immensely and deeply impacted me that I don’t have adequate words for a decent review yet. I hope to, one day, for both albums. But I don’t want to wait anymore, as it’s been almost a year since I attended this seminar and purchased the album. The truth is that I’m still absorbing it through time, because it so rocked me to the core initially.

For me, its cathartic, restorative effect is proven, along with its beauty and richness, as the wounds of not only myself but of womanhood itself span history and cultures, and are varied, long-standing, and deep.

For some, like it was for me, parts may be painful; yet, it’s the productive pain of true, lasting healing. If it’s there for someone, it must embraced, yet even as we are authentically validated and somehow vindicated by Arthur, the man presenting.

Oh, but it’s so much more than possibly painful parts. Like a symphony in my soul and spirit, it leads to the grand finale, which for me was most spirit-resonating, rocking through time and space in sounding out who I am.

The fact that the topic of healing womanhood presented by a man is so powerful and moving is reason enough for both men and women to engage with this album.

Yet there are other reasons, beginning with understanding the complexity of the topic, combing through strands of the different flavors of a woman’s design and nuances in her expression of essence, pointed examples for women and the men in their lives, exhortation to women for themselves, and the climax itself… oh… which so resonated and moved me that I’m still absorbing the impact today, gloriously woven like gold in the robe of the princess bride through the fibers of my being… who God made me to be, an undeniable, wonderful facet of womanhood, powerfully presented in the end of the seminar.

And I’ve never, ever heard or experienced that from any human, much less a man, until this. Yes, it’s beyond words, real and life-changing. Whoever gets this album, male or female, whatever you receive will be real and life-changing, too.

Thank you, Arthur.

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Tools Galore

One of the biggest results after listening to this teaching occurred in my marriage. To have a way to understand and language each other’s core essence and the ability to draw out strengths and potential is huge. To move and operate from these positions of strength has had untold positive results.

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What's Your Core Design?

Obviously this album is geared towards women but most of it is also applicable for men and includes ideas for men to help the women in their lives. There are so many gems throughout this album that display Arthur's compassion for the unique challenges that women face. He beautifully describes the difference between being a "Son of God" and a "Bride of Christ" as well as how and when to switch between them. These titles are transformed into meaningful methods of partnering with God in the different roles.

In another section Arthur talks about the importance of getting our dignity from God and who He made us to be instead of from people. If we're getting our dignity from man, then man can also take it away!

What a marvelous transformation he makes to the perception of the word "desire"! To be desired for your core essence and God given design instead of the less righteous things women have been desired for is a freeing paradigm shift. Arthur steps through some basic processes to help you discover your core design and step into it using simple questions such as, "Do you like product or process?"

A final question to ponder with God, "What is your core design that it's safe to be desired for?

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Right on the dignity

I have walked for so long with out knowing who I am and who’s I am. I mean I heard it but did not really know it. I was always required to be of use to someone to be worth anything if I was not doing than my worth diminished, is amazing to know and be healed to be able to just be you in freedom and worth. This is a must for every women!!! Especially now a days!

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Desire is SO God's Idea

Desire has always been an unsafe concept in my mind. HOWEVER, in just a few hours time, this masterpiece of truth artfully wrecked my unlovely paradigms, washed years of dirt from my eyes and released me into the beginnings of womanhood done right.

Desire sure isn't what I thought it was and to top it off, I'm supposed to desire the thing that makes me desirable?!? WHAT?!? God had this whole thing of life and womanhood figured out and this album paints the portraits of how that should look.

Go ahead, bring your painful paradigms, training and everything else you've thought about womanhood with you and be willing to challenge your pain with the truth of God's heart for you.

Afterwards, when you find that you've begun to dream again through clear eyes- come back and write YOUR review, tell Your story and shout it from the mountain tops- the whole earth longs for this sound

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Healing Womanhood

Healing Womanhood

Inner healing for wounds does not heal womanhood itself when it has been wounded. This album is for self-diagnosis and gentle healing of this core wound.

This is a four CD set.

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