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Blessing Your End of Life


The transition from life to after-life is normal. This tool will help you position yourself and your community for a vibrant death experience.

This is a six CD set.

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How would you like to die?

What are you doing to bring that about?

Most people are avoiding the topic, and by their non-engagement, they are allowing nature, the devil and the medical system to define their transition from time to eternity.

Do you REALLY want those three to conspire against you in order to make your passing as degrading as possible?

Here is a better way. Take charge of your end of life. Decide what things are important to you. And build a plan to put as many of those in place as you can.

Oh! You don’t know what choices you have? This is a good tool for you. Listen to these profiles from Scripture and see what is central in your value system, to define the way you release the trappings of this life and enter into the glorious presence of your Creator.

This album was released in 2018.

This is a six CD set.


New Understandings

I am listening to this set again after a year or so, and am stunned by all the new insights I'm hearing this time around.

I have come to realize that one of Arthur's greatest breakthroughs in this album is not even about death itself, but about all the ways that the enemy tries to steal Fullness of Life and Value from us BEFORE death, and how the living God wants to walk with us to bring Redemption in every case.

In almost five hours of play time, Arthur walks us through 39 different Biblical lives, and decisively shows us how God brings treasure out of our perceived failures, and how NOTHING is lost or wasted in the Lord's hands.

This may be one of the most encouraging teachings I've ever heard. Strengthening and Life-filling.

After you listen to this album, I strongly suggest following up by listening to the "Fighting for Your Birthright" series on the SLG website under Free Stuff / Video. Arthur explains further how the spirit of death tries to bring ongoing harm during our life, and how Jesus makes that illegal, and STOMPS it! Highly recommend it.

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Make This a Priority

The most profound encounter I've had with God thus far, was when I finally crossed the threshold between slave and son, sixteen years after my salvation experience. In His overwhelming presence, which filled the room at that moment, He said to me in an audible voice, "Now, you've turned your face toward home." I wept.

At the time of that occurrence, I already had this teaching in my possession and had listened to most of it. Less than impactful, is how I might have described it then, which is not to diminish the content, but because I wasn't walking in sonship, it just didn't land. But at the same time I knew there was a significance to it that I wanted to be able to extract and put in the hopper to draw from in the right seasons. So back on the shelf it went for awhile.

In the days immediately after the impact of the Lord's statement to me, I began to realize without a doubt that there was a literal element to it, as well as the figurative one. I knew, that I knew, that I knew, I had turned a very specific corner in my natural life. While I don't sense that my end of life is on the near horizon, which in context I believe I would if it were so, there have been small, periodic occurrences which point back to the Father's statement in esoteric, yet undeniable ways. As they've accumulated, a curious tension has been building with them.

The teaching gives language to that tension. Believe me when I say, it landed this time and I needed it. We all need this. We all need this because its really about life.

Knowing the nuanced principles brought forth here, from an eclectic array of biblical characters, has instilled in me an intentionality to grasp the importance of this most solemn transition and begin to recognize opportunities to sow into it. As a bonus, this teaching also reminds me that nothing is wasted with God. Though we still live, there are situations in all of our lives, for which we'd love a "do over"... and aren't going to get one. What we think is unrecoverable and ultimately lost, really isn't, even though I (and we) could have done better in all of them.

But God is a miner, isn't He? All the junk that I've dug out of myself in "repentance", then left behind in piles so I could move on, was doing only half of the job. Miners call those plies "pay gravels". God knows what's in them and as the ultimate miner, He will sluice them to extract treasures which advance His purposes. Most of which we can't imagine.

For me, that's a great metaphor against the despair of everything I've wasted, or left behind prematurely because I didn't know what to do with it. The truth behind the metaphor, is woven into the teaching and blessings of this series.

I have two favorite quotes that I can now inextricably tie together as a result of this teaching. The first is Jesus, after feeding the multitude in in John 6:12, saying;
"Take up the fragments, so that nothing is lost."
The second is Russell Crowe, addressing his men before battle at the beginning of the movie, Gladiator;
"What we do in life, echoes in eternity."

There's a "son's" heart and mind in both of those statements and they both came together for me in this series.

Can't thank you enough for this, I'll be listening to it frequently

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This collection of blessings makes my heart SING. After listening through several times, now all I have to do is turn one on, and immediately, I let out a sigh of peace.

There are so many stories in Scripture viewed from a full-life, big picture focus. I couldn’t help but then see my own life and those around me from such a different perspective. It is so encouraging to see death in right alignment as a great transition, not something to fear, dread, and delay.

Enjoy finding inspiration and revelation to model as blessings for your life, end of life, and purpose.

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Linda Yero

My words are few because it is so exquisitely beautiful!

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Ending Well

As one who has a trepidation about death, this album was so freeing allowing me to live out my life in fullness and anticipation of living well and dying in peace. Maybe it's easier to look at this as I approach 70, and many days want to run to Jesus. He just keeps reminding me that my life here is a thin line between here and the next world. Thank you for being so bold as to address a reality of life.

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Christine F

How many of us would use the words “awe” and “death” in the same sentence? Not many. The values our culture upholds have taught us to embrace life and fear death, thereby forcing a separation between the two that God never intended.

In this album Arthur shines a light on the deception of our culture’s values regarding death, and shows us the heart and purposes of God for our lives and ultimately for our death. There’s hope here, and dignity, and so much more! These blessings are not just for the dying; these blessings are also for the living.

I’ve spent the last half hour trying to find words that would express the impact that this album is having on me. This is not an album that you quickly absorb and then put on the shelf. Each storyline goes deep and drew me more intensely into that place of awe over God’s incredible design for the seamless alignment of life and death.

The music is stunningly beautiful and poignant in places, never taking over from the message, but adding to it.

I’m left knowing that there is a depth to these stories and blessings that my spirit is not yet able to fully grasp. I will be soaking in this for quite some time to come!

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How to Live LIFE!

I think the title of this set should be changed to "Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was 20 About How to Have a Meaningful and Rich Life." In each one of these 39 vignettes based on Biblical characters (some I had never heard of!), Arthur picks out for us the gold in each one, the supernatural graces, the places where God brings Light into situations where you would never expect it. All of them are deeply encouraging, and end up being a LOT more about Life than death.

I have had two healing miracles happen so far while listening to this set, one physical, & one emotional. I had been fighting a nasty case of Carpal Tunnel for almost a year, and it had lingered and lingered in spite of everything. ALL of the symptoms completely vanished while I was listening to this album (I think during "Zadok.") Completely gone, and haven't come back, and I am elated!

The other miracle happened unexpectedly while listening to the Rachel track. I have grieved deeply for a friend who died a seemingly meaningless death seven years ago. It seemed like such a waste, and it had made any memory of Arlene very painful. I was so surprised during the Rachel track to find that my understanding of Arlene's death was re-shaping and re-forming so that all the pain was gone, and I could see God's Light threaded through her life again. There is no more bitterness or regret in my memories of her now. That is a very sweet restoration.

I'll be honest, I have always been terrified of death. And Arthur brings what someone else called a "cheerful looseness" to this topic, which makes it deeply comforting and grounding to listen to. He deals with things that no one wants to talk about, such as whether God values what happens with our body afterward, etc., in a way that brings life, love, and sometimes laughter. I have found that listening to even just a few tracks a day has given me an excited hunger to live my life to the absolute fullest, in the confidence that God will meet me at every turn, as He did for all these people. I HIGHLY recommend this CD set, especially as a gift for younger people who are just beginning their lives! As Arthur has said, the set has really ended up being more about LIFE.

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The Challenge

My favorite poem about death, Thanatopsis, by William Cullen Bryant, says: "So live that when thy summons comes to join that innumerable caravan, (to death) ...thou go not like a quarry slave at night, scourged to his dungeon, but sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust...." I have thought perhaps that is the best we can do. Live so that dying is a door we get through in trust. However and whenever. But, of course, Arthur comes along and asks us once again "If there is not a better way?" I, for one, want to have blessing on my exit from this earth and I certainly want to die with grace and dignity. What an encouragement to believe that dying is not a random unpredictable exit and that there is a better way. I, for one, am going to face reality, listen intently, and profit greatly from Arthur Burk's work and revelation. One more time.

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Oh taste and see that the LORD is good!!

I have been listening to Arthur's materials for about a decade now, and I can testify that this is a very special product. After listening for a few minutes I became aware that an entirely different area of my brain was being activated. I'm accustomed to feeling my brain work in specific areas when listening to Arthur's teachings, but this was altogether different.

It felt like the music activated my emotions and allowed the words to penetrate the depths of my heart without first being processed and dissected by my brain. I was able to connect and FEEL the heart of the words as they communicated the Heart of God. My first impression was one of feeling rather than knowing.

A few years ago, I was privileged to walk closely with my grandparents as they approached their final transitions, and in retrospect I believe their emotional state was far more vital than their cognitive state. So it is with great awe that I celebrate the mastery of God's orchestration by infusing these blessings with music!!

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Blessing Your End of Life

Blessing Your End of Life

The transition from life to after-life is normal. This tool will help you position yourself and your community for a vibrant death experience.

This is a six CD set.

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