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Blessing Your Brain Part 2


Is your brain capable of doing the things your spirit is capable of seeing? This album will give you tools for bringing your brain up to speed, to release your spirit.

This is a five CD set.

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Suppose you long to speak another language, but your brain does not know it. That is a frustration and an inconvenience.

But supposed your spirit has clearly heard your God-given call, but your brain is not able to execute at the level needed to do that.

This is a tragedy, not an inconvenience.

And THAT is exactly why we are having this series of events, to unlock the potential in your brain, so that your spirit can run flat out, fully achieving everything God intended.

We began by looking at the seven different kinds of memorials in Scripture, with special emphasis on the memorial established in our frontal lobe, between the eyebrows. There are negative memorials which are at times paired with ones in the heart. The prayer time for removal was deep.

Then we dug deeply on the Curse of Cain which blocks us from receiving the specific expression of the life of God that you need to possess your birthright.

A lot of time was spent removing Luciferian time, and cleansing and repairing the timelines of Father, Son and Spirit in our brains and whole being.

One of the most high energy moments of the day was when we dealt with how to remain emotionally grounded in the face of gas lighting, especially by narcissists and religious leaders.

This album has some teaching, but it is primarily ministry prayer, not a cognitive defense of any of the fairly exotic ideas we explored.

This album was released in 2019.

This is a five CD set.



Many clearly know that they or a loved one have life-altering brain issues. Then there are some like me who never considered organic brain issues that need addressing, but they do. And wow, what I didn’t know that I didn’t know about that is A LOT!

The “Blessing Your Brain” series 1-3 is for everyone. The reality is that lies, evil, and other junk (which Arthur addresses specifically) affect the organic brain, often in unsuspecting ways, BUT there is “something more” and even better that can be done besides medical, psychological, inner healing, or other means, as valid as those may be.

In this album, Blessing Your Brain Pt. 2, one example of vital impact for me is when Arthur addresses gaslighting, of which I had been, until relatively recently, subject to relentlessly in the home as significant other to one with NPD for over three decades, and also in subtle ways in childhood and now in other arenas in the culture. Yet, I didn’t fully understand what it was and its horrible effect. Because I’ve been highly functional, I didn’t grasp the insidious, mind-twisting effect on my brain and thus how I framed parts of reality. Um, wow…. Confirming the need for anchor truths in that regard, Arthur then prays over and blesses in that aspect, which is powerful and which I will repeat. I am seriously changed by this already.

Interestingly, the initial effect on me in this was intense anger and grief. Negative? Yes and no, because in my particular case I had to go through those in order to heal that part of the brain affected by such evil (gaslighting) that is only becoming more pervasive in our culture.

Another impactful section for me is the “Memorial Stones.” That God places a memorial device in a physical place IN OUR BRAIN when we actively celebrate redemption is shining confirmation of our capacity to enthrone His redemption as a living part of our functionality in our brain, this is both beautiful and powerful, and it has somehow cleared a wider path forward for me.

Since going through this album and the others in the series, as I’m healing from some intense and long-endured circumstances, I’m becoming more “myself” that God originally designed. I never realized I needed such brain work. The teachings are the tools for healing and forward movement, and the prayers/blessings are the anointed punches of God’s supernatural work.

The albums will uniquely touch each person in God-tailored ways. I heartily testify to this. It’s not just the solid, transformative content that makes them so good, but also the treasure-packed human vessel through which the Lord works. Thank you, Arthur. I’m continually amazed how the Lord uses Arthur in each of his albums to not only inform but transform in such unique, unconventional ways. This is one of the reasons they are such a solid investment.

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Blessing Your Brain Part 2

Blessing Your Brain Part 2

Is your brain capable of doing the things your spirit is capable of seeing? This album will give you tools for bringing your brain up to speed, to release your spirit.

This is a five CD set.

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