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Blessing Your Brain Part 1


Your mind can only work as well as your brain supports it. These ministry prayers seek to heal damage done to the brain so spirit and soul can thrive.

This is a four CD set.

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Think of your brain as a computer and your mind as the software that runs on the computer. If you have wonderful software loaded on a gimpy computer, you will have glitchy results.

This album is an experimental set of prayers designed to bring the partnership of the Holy Spirit and the human spirit to bear on restoring the brain to optimal functionality.

Trauma and sin are the two most talked about causes of brain dysfunction, and they certainly are considerations. But the long-term impact of things being out of alignment is often more damaging.

Consider these scenarios.

-You lived on defiled land for ten years, without knowing what was going on. You just knew you were not thriving.

-The primary portion of your spirit was AWOL and your spirit was compensating by having other portions lead in areas they were not adept.

-Your marriage is the target of intense jealousy for years.

Any one of those things can cause a significant imbalance in the way different portions of the brain communicate with each other. Suppose you correct the three problems. Your brain will still remain in the construct it developed to cope with the abnormalities.

These blessings can help restore right order so that your brain can support your spirit and soul, in the new external environment that works well.

This album was released in 2019.

This is a four CD set.


God is so good

He knows our sorrows, He hears our prayers, and He always answers. I've been calling out to Him for help, sharing my broken heart issues, and He answered with this set of CD's. I have not heard from my daughter in almost 6 mos, and have come to expect criticism when I do, but after hearing Blessing Your Brain and being prayed for, a few days later I was happily surprised to get a very complimentary text from my daughter.

Revolutionary Work of Art

Blessing Your Brain is much more than a revolutionary new tool. It's a work of art. Each warfare prayer is loaded with creative nuances and elegantly presented.

At one point Arthur prayed for regeneration of neurological pathways from scratch according to God's template in heaven. I thought that was pretty exciting, but that was just the beginning. Next he prayed for a deposit of competence to go along with the new pathways!

WOW!! What a gutsy thing to pray!!

And to sweeten the deal, Arthur invited God to be the first fruit electricity to travel those newly established pathways. I was utterly unprepared for the intensity of God's response to that request. I felt the Holy Spirit leaning in with great enthusiasm, thrilled that someone had FINALLY prayed so creatively. Immediately it felt like a fireworks display going off inside my brain!!

This album has enlarged my spirit and enhanced my quality of life in measurable, verifiable, sustained ways. In addition to the exquisitely crafted warfare prayers, it's loaded with practical tools that will produce a wide array of change for those who invest long term.

This album is radically in line with God's heart and could be listened to purely as an act of worship. It's that good!

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I was gifted with this CD about a month age and there has been a transformation in my thinking.I am now loving myself and accepting my body as beautiful with congruence. It is a wonderful thing!

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Blessing your Brain

Blessing your Brain teaching and prayers are superb! They will be played, ingested and used to grow us and others. Thanks for your work of listening for revelation, unpacking and languageing this work for others.
Tim Dolan

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Blessing Your Brain Part 1

Blessing Your Brain Part 1

Your mind can only work as well as your brain supports it. These ministry prayers seek to heal damage done to the brain so spirit and soul can thrive.

This is a four CD set.

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