Alien Human Spirit

Alien Human Spirit Part 2


Alien Human Spirit Part 2 clarifies many of the ambiguities from the previous teaching, especially how they gain access, and what kinds of authority are needed to evict them.

This is a eight CD set.

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    Alien Human Spirit Part 2

    Alien Human Spirit Part 2

    <p>Alien Human Spirit Part 2 clarifies many of the ambiguities from the previous teaching, especially how they gain access, and what kinds of authority are needed to evict them.<br /><br /><em>This is a eight CD set.</em></p>

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    The release of the first album on this topic had the desired effect of stimulating vigorous conversation within the Body of Christ. It had the unexpected secondary effect of bringing to light a number of individuals who had been quietly dealing with this theme for a long time.

    In addition to those discussions, there were a significant number of people who jumped right in, used the techniques I shared, failed or succeeded, wrote me, and allowed me to participate in the process of their growth and discovery, while they were getting free.

    The result of that intense level of discussion, both friendly and otherwise, has resulted in a massive lurch forward in our understanding, over a very short period of time. Hence this new teaching.

    One of the biggest new insights is the half a dozen different reasons that an AHS might be in us.

    Second is a very clear understanding of why some people who have no background in deliverance have high authority on their first attempt and others who have been in deliverance for a long time, don’t.

    The diagnostic tool kit is much expanded as well as the grab bag of tools used for the eviction process.

    There is more discussion of the impact of AHS on the body, especially the brain. And new to this discussion is an exploration of AHS on the land.

    This is not at all a standalone volume. If you have not listened to Part 1, there will be massive gaps in comprehension. This is a more hands on teaching, building on the ideology of the first album.

    This album was released in 2013.

    This is an eight CD set.


    The Next Series

    This is a very practical and well-organized grab-bag of tools for those working through answering the question of whether or not an AHS is present with them. Beyond the value toward working with AHS's, there are sundry other topics that can really be fleshed out Arthur here talks about some more of the practical aspects, having covered the theology and the theory of AHS in the first series. He covers the fact that there are a number of usual ways that AHS's gain entry, and most of those revolve around some means by which we are either empathetic toward the dead and dying, or have some vested interest in or affection towards the dead. Think Navy SEALS, Paramedics, those involved with the Pro-Life Movement, and those who are just nice and sociable with very few social guards, in addition to those who have vows of connectivity and social contracts. There were a couple of aspects that sparkled deeply for me and those parts have broader application for beyond AHS. For example, the segment on Bones sparkled for me. There is a depth of exposition that Arthur brings out of the collective text of Scripture that the church has done a shamefully anemic job of expounding when it comes to the skeletal system. The Psalms and the Proverbs talk about those things that bring greater life to our bones, and it is left to some soul or group of souls to unpack a good theology of bones. Also, concerning the Parietal lobe and spatial relationships, I was completely floored. The building of parietal lobe that happens when we are out of proper parietal functions. I struggle with some clumsiness issues, and the idea that an AHS might be the responsible is astounding. Arthur mentions the Hip, the Adrenal Gland, the Prostate, the Legs, and other places in the body. He then moves into a discussion of authority and then finalizes with a discussion on land. The level of variety in this teaching set is just flat-out beefy. It is not just one genre of teaching alone, though it revolves around the topic of AHS's. It is a veritable Potpourri of vintage Sapphire Wine, and I cannot recommend it enough. May you be blessed.

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    Positively Changed My Family Forever!

    This album holds information that may positively change your life and your family dynamics. It changed my relationship with my young adult child and my heart has not stopped joyously leaping. We seemed disconnected from the very beginning as if an emotional wall stood between us. We went to counseling, deliverance, prayer & healing. They all helped in special ways but the tension and frustration always returned. After listening to this album, it seemed we were experiencing a vanishing twin. Yes, it was odd to me too but I wanted a relationship with my young adult and it grieved me to feel so distant. Meanwhile, I had been experiencing the negative looping in my head and struggled with depression. Before I tried to address the AHS in my child, I tried it on myself, addressing my brain and the AHS' that seemed to be residing there. Voila! The next day and ever more negative looping and a changed disposition. Then we dealt with my young adult's AHS'. Within 3 hours after evicting these AHS', relational healing became evident. We have begun the journey to restore a broken relationship and are both engaged, respecting one another, and moving forward joyfully. I pray you receive the same freedom...don't wait! The gratitude I feel for Arthur and his ministry and his ability to courageously go where others dare not beyond immeasurable. My family is beautifully changed.

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    5 Stars, Significant and Effective Results

    I know a lot of people who suffer from inexplicable health problems, habits, and mood/personality swings, myself having been one of them. Out of some degree of desperation, and with permission from the King, I walked down this road to see if it held any merit and was more than surprised by the results (first of all, I and the others who did this with me could actually discern the AHS within me, and second of all, once they were moved, I experienced a significant shift in my poor cardiovascular and autoimmune health... after literally years of trying every which method and gaining little to no traction). Occasionally I am in the position of ministering to someone who is a) desperate and b) willing to try. Virtually no one is familiar with this theology, so it always requires some degree of explanation and assurance. The most recent case being with a young lady who was suffering from depressive thoughts, existential crisis, and "inexplicable" seizures. During our prayer, the Lord brought to my attention some AHS in her lungs, which I believe were the cause of her seizures - I gulped and gave her a quick run down of what I wanted to do and gained her agreement to proceed before engaging the tools and information this album series offers. The girl not only was able to communicate to me what was going on internally, she also was able to describe immediate effects post AHS departure. In the months since then she has experienced a drastic and positive change in her joy, relaxation, and sleep levels... and did I mention she hasn't had any seizures? She described it to me as having "more control over her mind and body... a feeling of freedom." Pretty amazing, particularly given that it took all of twenty minutes, and she had no theology for it to begin with. Praise God for creative and extraordinarily effective methods of deliverance.

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    Alien Human Spirit Part 2

    Alien Human Spirit Part 2

    <p>Alien Human Spirit Part 2 clarifies many of the ambiguities from the previous teaching, especially how they gain access, and what kinds of authority are needed to evict them.<br /><br /><em>This is a eight CD set.</em></p>

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