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03. Blessing your Soul Part 1


Your soul is designed to team extensively with your spirit, not to be at war with it. This book is a collection of 96 portraits of the soul in action.

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Our soul is capable of evil. This truth is widely documented by theologians.

Less loudly shouted is the truth that the soul is capable of vast good. Furthermore, the spirit is hugely handicapped when the soul is not well developed.

This book is a first step to reframing the relationship between soul and spirit. There are four sections of 24 teachings and blessings each.

Healing the Wounded Soul

Nurturing the Neglected Soul

Calming the Harried Soul

Growing the Hungry Soul

This is a companion volume to Blessing your Spirit, although it is written in a very different style.

This book was released in 2014.


Validation & Legitimacy - Finally!

I must give you a huge THANK YOU for writing and releasing Blessing Your Soul. I started reading it letting my self respond as it will. I was amazed! I could feel my soul within me slowly awaken and then thirstily start drinking in every word I blessed it with. My soul is feeling validated like never before! Abuse stomps the soul (mind, will, and emotions). Oft times the church marginalizes the soul and categorizes it as not good. This book of blessings however brings back the soul’s God-given recognition it deserves and waters my soul like...flower seeds in the desert!
    At one point I started being able to see my soul. It looked like a pond with white ash covering it. And then I saw there was a volcano beneath the pond. It was then that I remembered a preacher who gave me my first prophetic word back in 1989. He saw there was a big volcano inside of me that would go off ever so often and when this happened “everyone better get out of my way.” Well, I just found that volcano. It’s beneath the pond.
    For 28 years I've been chasing after 3 Jn.2. Maybe now I can get peace in my soul. Maybe now I can start to prosper as my soul finally gets validation and legitimacy. My soul is NOT bad!!! My soul finally gets to be heard and made legitimate! And instead of being relegated to a small area with anger buried deep, I see it starting to expand and clean up as it aligns with what God says about it. I can't even begin to thank you enough.

Easy to read and fun to savor -- this book is a must!

There is nothing passive about this book. It is a book of vibrant strategy for those who yearn to live big. While at the same time each vignette is so entertaining the reader can't help but gets sucked in to the stories, cheering for one, grieving for another, seeing oneself through eyes of hope.

This book was a turning point in my personal journey. As I soaked in its pages it subtly brokered a powerful partnership between my soul and spirit. It was as if the two reached across the table and shook hands, cementing the biggest win/win deal of a lifetime. I hadn't realized until that moment how much my soul felt marginalized, having been equated with 'The Flesh', that evil nemesis the Apostle Paul wrote so vividly about. But this book washed all that away, leaving me full of vitality and vision for the future.

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03. Blessing your Soul Part 1

03. Blessing your Soul Part 1

Your soul is designed to team extensively with your spirit, not to be at war with it. This book is a collection of 96 portraits of the soul in action.

This is a book.

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