On the surface, Spartanburg is just another small Southern city.  They are historically in the shadow of Greenville with its energetic Exhorter gift, and Charlotte with its robust Giver gift.

But Spartanburg is where I live now.  And it has a spiritual history that is unique among all the cities in America.  It will be the playing field for my life for the indefinite future.  While God has a branch office in every city of the world, this one will draw a disproportionate amount of my attention simply because I am here.

Welcome to a snippet of MY journey in this city. 

  • The Broken, Beautiful Restaurant
    The Broken, Beautiful Restaurant
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    My truck needed a new oil pressure sensor and I couldn’t pick it up at the end of the day, yesterday.  This morning I got an Uber ride with an Exhorter, originally from Charleston ... 

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